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Welcome to the song that was a big part of inspiring this story.

"This isn't only for tonight
We're gonna love our whole life long
'Cause baby, if it feels so right
How can it be wrong?"

Song: Feels So Right - Elvis


I've never seen this side of Harry before, except for the glimpse of it in my dream, and reality is fairing up to be much more spine tingling than my imagination with the look on his face.

He nods in agreement, slipping his hands down his stomach slowly to rest near his hips, watching me like he's waiting for what I'm about to do.

The air in the room around is feels like its a thousand degrees, thick and starting to crackle like its sparking around my skin.

I can't seem to find it in me to care how fucking strange this situation is, because all I feel around him right now is comfortable and content, mixed with beside myself with anticipation.

I know this should feel wrong, but it just feels right and I don't understand why.

I clear my throat, messing my fingers through my hair to push it away from my face "I wanna do something for you, to help you"

Harry practically chokes on his breath, swallowing before he asks "What did you want to do?"

I chew on my lip, blowing out a breath before grabbing the end of my shirt "Well, you said you find me attractive, and I caused that" I gesture my head towards his crotch "...so I want to give you something to watch while you show me what you like"

I shuffle, pulling my shirt from underneath me, lifting it over my head, tossing it on the bed and looking back to Harry to see him with his jaw slack.

I don't think he's even breathing.

He's completely speechless, and his eyes dart over my bare chest frantically like he can't believe it's what he's seeing, and my stomach clenches when I watch his hand palm over his length, rubbing it as he whimpers like he's desperate for some kind of relief.

"Joey...fucking hell, I didn't expect you to get naked" he gasps, unable to take his eyes away from tracing over my breasts, running his tongue over his lower lip, before sinking his teeth into it as he continues to rub his hand against his hardness, groaning "I'm awake right? This is really happening right now?"

I smile at him, feeling giddy over how he's reacting and hook my fingers into my underwear and lean back to lift my hips to slide them down, earning another pained whimper from him as I reply "Yes, this is really happening"

"Oh Jesus christ" he whines, watching as I pushing the blanket away from me, kicking my  underwear off, resting back to lean on my hands with my legs straight in front of me.

There's a heat pooling inside me as I stare at him, and I don't even recognise the boy I've looked at everyday for the past few months, just like in my dream it's like I'm seeing him for the first time and he looks intoxicating.

I know sweet Harry, I know goofy Harry, I know my best friend Harry, but the one that's in front of me right now is one that is making me feel things I can't describe, I've never seen him this way and I don't know what to make of it.

Watching how drunk on lust he looks, his wild hair messing around his shoulders while his taut chest rises and falls harsher with each breath is the most exilerating thing, I think I've ever seen.

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