just like him - niall centric

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Prompt:  I was hoping you could write on where something happens and the lads hurt niall and then he becomes terrified of them and wont let them near him and then some how they work it out and regain his trust and end in tears an flu.

Warning: past abuse


Niall’s has a damaged past, it’s dark and horrifying, but no one but himself knows about it. Once he auditioned on X factor, he got to leave most of it behind, just the memories and scars are the only thing left to hunt him. Whenever any person asks about his past he hides it, he covers the truth with lies of happiness and joy; sure he has his family, and there is no doubt in the world that they love him, but he had to grow up sometime, and growing up leads to things that Niall wasn’t prepared for, leading to decisions that would haunt Niall for the rest of his life.

                “Babe, can you help me carry some of these bags please?” Zayn calls out from the doorway, carrying several grocery bags.

                Interrupting his train of thought, Niall smiles and gets up from the couch. “Sure darling,” Niall retorted, before pressing a kiss to Zayn’s check.

                Zayn chuckles and passes Niall one of the bags, “where are the others?” Zayn asks, following behind Niall into the kitchen.

                “Harry’s sleeping, Louis’ in the shower, and Liam went for a run,” Niall replies, setting the groceries on the table, starting to put them away.

                Just then the two here the shower turn off, and the sound of grumbling and feet dragging echo down the stairs. “Looks like Louis got Harry up,” Niall says, putting away the last of his bag.

                “Good afternoon sleepyhead,” Zayn giggles as Harry rounds the corner and plops down onto a kitchen stool. Harry grumbles in response laying his head down on the counter.

                “Liam back from his run yet?” Louis asks, stealing an apple from the bowl of fruit Zayn just sat down.

                Slapping his hand away, “No, and don’t eat that, you’ll ruin your dinner,” Zayn huffs.

                “It’s fruit Zaynie; you wouldn’t not want me to get my daily value in would you?” Louis pouts, batting his eyes for sympathy.

                “Now what are we arguing about now?” Liam smiles as he enters the kitchen, “Oh, fresh apples,” Liam says reaching for the bowl of fruit.

                “Stop, you don’t get one either,” Zayn says pushing the bowl out of both boy’s reach.

                “When did you get back, didn’t hear the door close,” Harry mumbles, only picking his head up enough to confirm that Liam was in fact back home.

                Liam chuckles, “maybe if you were actually awake, you would have heard me come in,” and presses a kiss to the top of Harry’s curls.

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