My Alpha Puppet

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[Omegas are only to bear child. Male Omegas cannot make a woman pregnant because they have a small dick and doesn't get hard. They're only able to be wet. They also cum from their assholes so their dick is just to say that they're males.]


I bit my lip while staring at him. I can't believe that later on, I can do anything with him.

It's funny to think that I'll have him wrapped around my fingers since he is an Alpha and I am an Omega, the weakest one.

I looked at the necklace that my friend gave me. She's a witch so I requested her to do something that will help me control Lance, my mate, my Alpha.

Lance always has the control and I think, the time has come for me to control him. Oh, I am Angelo by the way. My Alpha call me Angel tho. It irritates me because I'm a fucking man, why call me with a girl name.

At this moment, we are in our shared room. It is 10 in the evening and Lance is already sleeping.

Samantha, my witch friend said that I only need to put the necklace on hin and call his name then he will do whatever I say.

And to my luck, Lance is a heavy sleeper.

Still, I carefully lifted his head and put the necklace on him. I caressed his hair and kissed his forehead.

Maybe, it's time.

"Lance," I said, "Wake up."

As soon as I said that, he woke up. It worked!!!

He looked at me and then at the clock and then back at me again. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, "Why are you still awake, Angel?"

Wait, why is he like this? Isn't he supposed to stare blankly or something?


"H-Huhh? Uhh, nothing." I stuttered.

"Do you want to cuddle?" He gently asked.

I hate him for being so gentle to me. Yes. I am an Omega but I am still a man.

He won't even do something sexual to me, saying that he'd hurt me.

I don't like it. I hate it.

"No." I blurted out.

Oh, no way. I just said that out loud, didn't I? What do I do?

He smiled and nodded which surprised me. Shoudn't he be frowning because of my attitude?

Wait... did the necklace actually worked?

"Hey Lance, I want you to kiss and lick your hands. Don't stop until I tell you to." I said.

If it won't work, then I am dead but to my surprise, he did it!

He started kissing and licking his hands. The sight aroused me. My Alpha is obeying me.

Damn, I'm getting excited.

"Okay Lance, stop now," I said, "I want you to remove my shirt and inhale my scent. With this, you find yourself wanting more of my scent and it's getting you aroused."

He took off my shirt and started sniffing. And before I even notice, his nose is already buried on my neck. Busy inhaling my scent, he didn't notice that I took off his shirt.

I put my hands on his abs and my eyes widened because damn, it's so hard. Yes, this is the first time I touched my mate's abs.

Lance doesn't want to do anything sexual with me because he thinks that I am not ready yet and that he might hurt me if he did because of our, omegas' sensitivity.

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