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"Are you sure about this?"

He stopped adjusting his seat to face her, who already stared at him blankly. "Why wouldn't I?" he let out a small chuckle.

He noticed how hard she was trying to believe what he's doing. It's not a lie though if he's saying that he did it because they cared for each other. He loves her sincerely from the bottom of his heart and no one could deny that.

"You asked me to leave and forget about you before, but now, you're sitting next to me on the bus, planning on go back to Seoul? I couldn't believe you, Kim Taehyung." she scoffed as she furrowed her brows.

He smirked, slowly moved closer to her earlobe and pecked it, "If you didn't kiss me that day, I won't end up changing my mind, Bae." he whispered in deep and husky voice.

She obviously blushed, of course Taehyung could see it as she looked away, avoiding his gaze. He traced her hand, intertwined their fingers by a second. He just likes the way she easily got embarrassed when he did something fishy even though she resist it.

It was day time, probably before the sun set, they could arrive Seoul. One thing he couldn't get it out from his mind; his parents. Ever since his grandmother died, they didn't even attend the funeral nor visiting them.

He hates even more to accept the fact that they're his parents. He's not trying to be disrespectful but having this kind of parents who literally abandoned their child to suffer all the pains, which human could stand it?

Taehyung laid his back to the seat while his hands still holding Irene's. Eyes completely shut, turned his bright sight into darkness. Slowly began to rest himself.

"Tae." his eyes opened, tracing to where the voice from.

"Hm?" he grabbed a bottle of mineral water and sipped it, moistened his dry throat.

Irene looked up straight to his eyes, sharing eye contacts with him and bit her lower lips before she ask him.

"When did you start having crush on me?"

As soon as she asked that, he choked on the mouthful of the mineral water and bursted, causing it to splash over his wet cloth. He wiped it right away with his hands then with his handkerchief.

She grinned at him who was struggling with his cloth.

Taehyung glanced back to her, "I will tell you once we arrive Seoul." he took off his jacket and placed it on his lap before leaned his back.

Just right in time, she pouted as she got her question unanswered. Meanwhile Taehyung saw her disappointed expression from her side, he ruffled her silky hair to messy, convincing her before everything getting worse.

The two just starting to make love and he don't want to spoil the session. He knew how sensitive she is when something she hates occured, especially when he ignored her. By that, he wanted to submit his whole life loving her and gives whatever she asks.


There's only two of them in front the main door before she unlocked it and invited Taehyung into her house. They finally got back to Seoul after spending weeks in Daegu.

Taehyung made his way to the living room, placing his luggage on the floor and looked around the house. The last time he'd been in Irene's house, the surrounding was so neat and clean. He almost thought she hired some maids but turned out wrong.

But now, the house looks like it has been abandoned for years, foods wastes everywhere, dirty clothes placed all over the couches and the dishes haven't been clean up. What's got into her? He shrugged on his mind.

"Look at this mess for God sake. Please tell me you're fine before you went to Daegu." he picked up one of the wastes on the table and put it back before he glanced to Irene. She didn't respond to him and avoided having an eye contact with him.


He called her once again, slowly approached her to the kitchen. Irene already turned her back, started washing the plates to make her looks like she's busy, but actually she's trying to ignore him.

Taehyung walked in, his arms reached her waist, gently put his chin on her shoulder. "Aren't you going to tell me?" he whispered to her ear.

She closed her eyes, finally fed up with him questioning the same thing over and over. She dried her hands, turning around to him who was staring deep into her eyes with soft gaze.

"It's all because of you." he snapped, furrowing his brows in confusion.

"Me? W-why- what did I do?"

Irene gulped, "You left to Daegu without telling me. I thought you were missing so I kinda lose my spirits. I skip my meals sometimes, I was starved and I didn't do the laundry even--"

Before she could finish her words, he shut her mouth by pressing his lips against his favourite part of Irene's red lips. She flinched towards his sudden action. She didn't pull back but holding his hands which rested on her neck, finally replied his kiss passionately with her eyes closed.

The purpose he did that because he don't bear listening to it anymore. He couldn't stand for knowing that she actually risking herself because of him. She had all eyes on him but he didn't aware about it and all he know is to avoid her and push her away. He felt himself so cruel to treat her that way. It is not her fault for being too caring, it's his fault to be so blind that there's someone who still loves him as much as his grandmother did.

"I'm sorry." he said in gasp, after they parted while their forehead touched and Irene looked down to her feet.

"No." she shook her head innocently that make him felt guilty even more.

Silence filled the atmosphere once again. He don't want to shed any tears as he know he blame all of this on himself. She's right, he shouldn't seek for apologize when it's all too late. He leaned forward again, pecking her lips again in gentle way then parted away, showering themselves with soft stares and full of loves.

"I won't ever, never leave you again. I promise."

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