First Meeting

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"Ara~ Nozomi-chan's here."

I look at the two beautiful and elegant woman in front of me.

One with a blonde hair that was clip elegantly and her sparkling hazel eyes, beaming with happiness. She wore a simple peach dress that looks pretty normal for a rich lady.

The other one has red hair that was let down and a mysterious red-like eyes. She wore a tightly red dress which looks so mature and sexy, the total opposite of the other lady who looks innocent.

I look at my mother who wore a slightly mature and innocent looking dress.

Ara~? Is my mother the mixture of these two pretty ladies?

Mother greeted them with big smile and they also greeted back, beaming happily. Looks like these two ladies are her best friends. Look~look~, there's no way you could find a ladies figures here, there's only close, normal friends.

I nodded my head as I listened and looked at them carefully. Uhm~ they are perfect.

Ara~ looks like they finally notice me when the blond lady caught me staring at them.

"Ara~ara~. Looks like we forgot your pretty daughter here, Nozomi-chan." she said as she giggled.

No. No. No. Pretty lady. I'm fine here. You can just continue talking. Mm~mh~. Just let me watch you with adoration at the side, okay?

"Ara~ isn't she cute?" the red-head lady said as I saw her eyes sparkling.

Oi! That's quite the opposite of your expression earlier.

"Isn't she?"

Mom, stop that smug smile. And I know I'm cute okay?!

More importantly, how will I become a villainess if I have an ugly look, right?!

"Sa~ Ari-chan, introduce yourself." Mother smiled gently.

I can't help but give a deadpanned look inwardly. Of course, while smiling in the surface.

Also, Mom, if I haven't seen your smug smile earlier, I would have believe you're a gentle mother.

"Gokigenyoh, Akari-obaa-sama, Asuca-obaa-sama. I'm Adrianna Edelfelt. It's a pleasure to meet you, my okaa-sama's best friends." I greeted them with elegance that was pretty abnormal for kids my age.

Usually, kids my age will greet them happily while smiling innocently not with courtesy. Also, our manners and etiquette will be taught in Suiran.

"My~ isn't she courteous? Fufufu, Nozomi-chan, looks like you're blessed with this cute child.". Kaburagi Asuca-obaa-sama said with a gentle smile on her face.

Tonoiun Akari-obaa-sama also nodded, gently, while looking at me and smiling.

Ne, Akari-obaa-sama, you do know it makes me feel awkward, right? No. No? Okay.

"Fufufu of course. That's the Edelfelt princess we're talking about."

Mom, where's your gentle bearing? Where's my cunning and gentle mother? Who is this arrogant lady in front of me right now?

And, princess? Hmm, that's sounds good —Not! This what makes the story's Ariadnna spoiled.

"Fufufu I think you're wrong, Nozomi-chan. Ari-chan's the only young girl in our circle right now, it makes her the princess of all aristocrats."

Akari-obaa-sama, you're not helping at all. Not at all.

Ari, it's better to ignore this doting ladies. Yup, it's better to ignore them.

After I decided to ignore these ladies, two cold yet cute voices caught my attention.

"Hah! You'll see, I'll beat you next time."

"Hoo? I'm not gonna let you."

I walk around my oba-sama's to see two young boys around my age, arguing with their cold expressions but I think I can see a lightning between their stares?

—or is it just my imagination? Un~. Let's go with that.

Wait, these two looks familiar~

The boy with black hair and red was quite cute and cool especially with his natural cold bearings. While the other one who has blonde hair and emerald eyes has the arrogant bearings of a normal young master but it was hidden behind his cold temperament.

Un~ they are a perfect ikemen~ Ara? which means–

They are the main characters of the story!


Just when I wanted to avoid these boys.

Sigh~ fate. Why are you so cruel?

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