Finally, freedom

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~Two months later~

I did my training with all the villains, as usual. I figured if I was going to stay here, I would learn all I could about them, to turn against them, once I returned. I learned how to use my quirks in ways I never thought. Manipulate can now be used at a distance. I can also use it to attack now. Now it's defense, transport, and offense. I learned how to crush people with Crush Telekinesis. I learned how to Manifest weapons as well. Like guns, swords, ammo. Those kinds of things. We finished, and I was returned to my room. Solid obsidian. I can't get through that. Not with any of my quirks. I was weak, refusing to talk about any info I may or may not have about the pros, and as a result, I got no food. Shigaraki came in and tried to get me to talk. I didn't say a word. I will be strong. Even if it breaks me inside.

I was dreaming about food, in my corner, when I was awoken by explosions. "Katsuki, go away." I muttered. Then, I realized.. Katsuki wasn't here. I watched through the glass as the hideout was being attacked by pros. The glass exploded, and I covered my face. A dark figure entered the near pitchblack room. "Please.." I begged. "No more, please." I pleaded. "Yana?" I was too weak to sort out who the figure was. Then I smelled caramel. Katsuki. I started crying. "K-Katsuki." I whimpered, and I felt him kneel beside me, and pull me to his chest. "HALF N' HALF! DEKU! I FOUND HER!" He screamed. I was still bawling. "You're alive." He whispered in my ear. "I may be, but I also think I'm broken." I said in a small voice. "You'll be okay." Izuku came into the room, followed by Shouto. In their hero costumes. I was so happy to see them. I staggered up, my legs weak. I stumbled into Izuku's arms, hugging him tight. Then Shouto. "Thank you for coming for me." I said, my voice cracked and dry. Shouto made some ice, then gave it to me. I didn't know what to do, but I started sucking on it. God, I was thirsty. I didn't know if it was eating or drinking, but I was getting water. I blew on it to melt it in my hands, then drinking the melted ice. "Okay, we have to get out of here, unnoticed." Shouto said, and I looked up from my ice. "There is a backway. I've seen them use it, when I would be left in the yard." I said. "Then lets go." Katsuki said. "Just.. Let me.." I said, taking a few deep breaths. I dug deep into my core and used my energy reserve. I instantly felt alive, and ready to move. "Shouto?" I asked, and he turned around. "Can I have more ice?" I asked. He made a huge chunk, then I proceeded to chomp it. Once I finished, we headed off. I saw the pros failing. I had to help. Shigaraki can only use his if all his fingers are available and connected, bare skin, to an object. I slunk off, I manifested a block of concrete. It wouldn't burn, and it would take three hours to break.

I successfully covered both of his ring fingers. I Manipulated it, and made it stick to his skin, sinking into his pores and any cuts he may have on his hands. Toga.. Easy. I trapped her in a box, which she couldn't break. Dabi would be harder. I Manifested some flame resistant substance, then covered his body in it, and he couldn't use his quirk. I handicapped most of the villains, and winked at Eraserhead. He gave a small smile, and we got out successfully. We waited nearby, me eating ice Shouto makes. Occasionally, I'd ask Katsuki to blow it into smaller pieces. Hours pass, and the pros win. My energy had ran out long ago. I was now just a blob. I was escorted back to the dorms, where I collapsed on the community dorm area couch. Oh, how tired I was. Momo brought me some food and water. She kept apologizing for being an idiot, and ignoring me. I smiled. "It's okay, I promise. I understand, I did that too, awhile ago. Remember that girl?" I asked. She smiled, wiping her tears. "Yeah, you ignored me for months, just to be friends with her." She chuckled. She pressed a waterbottle into my hand. She told me to sleep, then she left me. I slowly fell asleep, surrounded by familiar, welcome sounds. Distant chatter, the occasional groan of the furniture.

~Katsuki's POV~
Odd. We've never seen her sleep before. The whole class was entranced. Cute. Super cute. Well shit. I think I fell. FUCK. Oh well. I know stupid Deku and half half bastard are looking at her the same way. I will win. I will be on the top.

~Yanagi's POV~
I woke up, and the dorm was empty. Well, it is Friday, and studies are over. I got up, and stretched. I checked the time. Nevermind. It's Saturday. I wandered around. I knew what I'd do. I went to my room, and sat down with my computer. I wrote everything I learned from the villains, info wise. I also let them know I had been taught by the villains too. Once I finished, I printed all thirty pages, put them together, and went to Aizawa's office. I knocked on the door. "Come in!" He called. I entered, then set the papers on his desk. "What's this?" He asked. "Everything I learned." I said, turning around. "From the villains?" He asked, starting to read it. "Yeah." I said. "Yaoyorozu, this is very important information regarding the status of the League of Villains." He said, clearly excited about the info I gave. "You,re welcome." I said, leaving.

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