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How to Make Your Story Popular

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A/N So I'm glad the previous chapter helped a few of you out there! So this chapter is going to be on How to make your Story Popular on Wattpad! 

Chapter 2: How to Make Your Story Popular on Wattpad 

So the previous chapter I gave you tips on how to make yourself popular on Wattpad. You can use your stories to make you popular or you can do it the other way around and make yourself popular so that your story will also become popular. 

So here's a few ways to make your story popular: 

1) Give your story an interesting title -> with an interesting title, people might see it and go "Oh! That sounds interesting!" then they'll click on your story and you can work out the rest.  

2) Give your story a title that also summarises or is at least related to your story -> Give it a title that tells your readers what your stories about! But make it interesting! 

3) Get a good book cover -> If you have a good book cover, it draws people towards your book as they see it and even though people say not to judge a book based on its cover, a lot of people do... so get a good book cover! If you aren't very good at making book covers, there are plenty of people on wattpad who will be more than happy to make one... I don't know any at the moment but I'm sure you can find a discussion where someone's offering to make book covers 

4) Write a blurb that is both interesting but summarises the book well without giving away the ending -> I seriously can't stand it when people don't have blurbs!! It's awful! Because I always want to know what the book's about before reading and if I don't see a blurb then I'm instantly turned off the book cause I have no idea what the book's about.  

5) Come up with an interesting plot! -> I hate cliché plots. For example, in 1D fanfics the most cliché plot ever is that the girl goes to a signing or a concert and one of 1D falls in love with them. If you want to use this plot, sure go ahead and use it but change it up a bit. Make the rest of the story unexpected. Another example, my book Fading. A lot of people have said that it's a very interesting plot and that it's very different to other books cause Louis' a ghost so technically he's not actually alive unlike other Larry Stylinson books which usually take place either in school or while they're famous so by having a different plot it draws people towards the book.  

6) Add a bit of drama! -> everyone loves a bit of drama but not too much!! For example, in a 1D fanfic you could add an ex-girlfriend or some other person who's trying to break up the couple but once again this idea is a bit overused so try to think of something dramatic to add but not clichéd either! 

7) Add a voting/commenting goal -> Before even posting your story, post like a prologue or description or something simple about the book and ask for a certain number of votes before you begin uploading the story. This lets you know whether people will actually read your story. You can also use this voting/commenting goal in the rest of your chapters however this doesn't always work so see how many readers you get then decide on whether or not you'll do a voting/commenting goal.  

8) Update fairly often -> if you update quite often, you won't lose readers. Some readers might get annoyed at you for not updating regularly and might just stop reading so if you update quite regularly then there's less chance of you losing readers.  

9) Ask for people's feedback or story ideas -> With people's feedback, you are able to improve your writing which could draw in more readers. As well as this, asking for people's story ideas gives the readers a way to interact with your story.  

10) Get other people to read it! -> Some people may find it annoying if you pop up in chat asking them to read your story so only ask people to read it if you happen to find a discussion that is offering to read other people's stories 

11) Dedicate a chapter to a famous author on wattpad -> This tells them about your story and if they read it they may let others know about your story.  

12) OR You can dedicate to one of your readers -> this, once again makes them feel loved and so will continue to read your story and maybe even do a shoutout to their followers.  

13) Try to pick up on spelling/grammar errors -> I seriously can't stand it if someone has really really bad English. I mean the occasional mess up is okay but if there are constant errors it really gets on my nerves! So try to pick up as many spelling errors and stuff as you can.  

14) Don't drag the story on too long -> This might become boring and then you might lose readers. 

15) When someone follows you or when you follow someone ask them nicely to read your book -> So once you follow someone and they do their "Thanks for following etc...", just be like "No problems, could you please check out ______________ if you have time? It would mean the world! Thank you x" Something simple like that. If someone follows you be like "Thanks for following. Could you please check out ___________ if you have time? etc..."  Make sure you don't make it sound like they have to read it! 

16) Add suitable tags to the story and put them in suitable categories -> By doing this, when someone searches up a tag, your story will appear. If you give your story no tags, then it is extremely hard to find. For example, for Fading, some of the tags i put were "Larry, Stylinson, harry, Styles, Louis, Tomlinson" as they are all related to the story. So if someone was to type in larry in the search bar, they'd be able to see my story. The more tags the better however you don't need to overdo it. Just put a maybe 5-10 tags that are related to the story. 

17) Like what you write -> when you like what you're writing, you tend to write the story better. :) 

A/N So that is all I can think of at the moment! If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know! I hope this helped. That was the final part. If you want me to do another "How To..." either comment below or PM me them and I'd be happy to consider doing them! Remember, none of these are guaranteed to work. They're just suggestions! So don't kill me if they don't work! If you don't understand any of the suggestions I gave you feel free to ask me for clarification!  

Anyways, hope this helped! 

Love you, 

Rebecca xx

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