Mr. Zachary part 3

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I hang up the phone. Maybe its not alright to go to a party with him.. Im only a teenager. Most teenagers my age go to parties so maybe it is okay.. Im so nervous that I need something to calm me down, like a bubble bath. I run some warm water in my tub, and pour liquid soap in and watch the tub get filled with suds. I undress myself and get in. I relax and close my eyes. I go into a deep sleep. An hour later my phone rings, its a text from paul. It startles me becuase i was still sleeping.

PAUL: Hey rey, what r u doing?

ME: Taking a bubble bath, and u?

PAUL: Just thinking.

ME: about what?

PAUL: you.

ME: me?

PAUL: yes you! Iv been thinking how beautiful u r.

ME: aww thanks :)\

PAUL: Can you come over tonight? you can help me think of what were doing in class tomorrow.

ME: Ill have to ask. when i get out of the bath

PAUL: I can come get you

ME: No, ill drive. its okay. Ill text you in 20 minutes.

I just lay there. Why does he like me so much? I get out of the tub rap my purple rob around me and walk down stairs. I look for my mom and shes in the kitchen. "Mom, can I go out for a couple hours tonight?" i hope she doesnt ask were to. "Sure but remember its a school night, be back by 10" Yessss! she didnt ask!


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