S1Ep1 - "Welcome Home" Part One

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Angn dusted himself off and nodded to the receptionist. "I'm okay."

She smiled and made her way back to her desk, leaving a slight trail of mucus on the tiled floor. Angn made a note to cut a wide berth around it so he wouldn't find himself on the floor again.

The Astro-mole clapped excitedly, causing his hover-chair to bounce slightly. "Of course you're okay! You're going to get the opportunity of a lifetime!"

Angn rubbed the back of his rubbery, bald head. "I don't quite follow you, uh..."

The Astro-mole smiled and leaned forward in his chair, causing the device to tilt and sputter as it corrected its gravitational pads. "Bargo Maroo, my name is Bargo."

"Your name sounds familiar-"

The receptionist coughs and motions with her head to the left. Angn turned and noticed the massive portrait of Bargo Maroo. Under it is was a noticeable placard that read "PRESIDENT of SolariCO - BARGO MAROO." Angn turned his attention from the portrait, back to Bargo himself, noticing the Astro-mole was standing in a similar manner to his portrait - chest out, left hand holding his left lapel.

Angn sputtered, "s-s-sir, it is such an honor to m-meet you!"

Bargo laughed, but it did not feel condescending. "Dohoho. Please, please, if anything. I should be honored to meet you. Please follow me, I'll clarify."

Angn turned back to the receptionist for some guidance, but she was already busy with some other task. He shrugged and followed the floating chair down one of the hallways that sprouted from the central foyer.

Angn found his eyes drifting into the various open rooms and offices of the hallway, observing just how busy SolariCo was. He had been to a primarily Mantoid colony once, for a field trip as a child, where he had noticed the interconnectedness of the hive constructs and the constant motion within. SolariCo reminded him of that in a few ways. SolariCo, however, was far more diverse. By his count, Angn had seen 13 Blassnaughts, 8 Grey, 5 Reptons, a Terrekin, 3 Syriens, 12 Astro-moles, 4 Paracks, 7 Hauke, 2 Jemell and 4 Kemezeckians. Angn had a habit of observational counting and pattern observation. It was why he was such a high-ranking player in many of the popular simulation games on the GIN.

Angn's counting was interrupted slightly when Bargo spoke, saying, "I can imagine that you're a little confused."

Angn snapped his attention to his hallway companion, noticing employees cut a wide berth around the boss. He cheerily nodded to each of them, whether they noticed or not. Angn continued to count them, not missing a body.

Angn felt it would be best to get to the point, eager to dispel with the cloud that lingered over him. "I was late for my interview, I was worried I wouldn't get the data entry position" he picked up his pace so he was side by side with the hover chair, looking directly at Bargo, "but I appreciate you dealing with me personally, sir."

"Data entry? Hahaha." Bargo's loud and fitful laugh was sudden and carried an air of surprise. Angn's grey cheeks flushed slightly purple and he stared at his feet, feeling the eyes of other people in the hallway as the made their way around the pair. Bargo finally calmed down, wiping tears off his cheeks that slipped out from beneath the goggles.

Bargo took a deep breath to settle down. "No, no, no, Angn. Data entry is no place for a genius like you."

"... Genius?"

Bargo began to accelerate the chair down the hallway again and Angn followed. Bargo continued speaking, "of course! We require placement tests on all our network applications for occasions like this."

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