S1Ep1 - "Welcome Home" Part One

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[[Arzola Arms, Teslovia]]

Angn D'Lazmuh flew down the narrow hallway of his apartment block, still bleary eyed and continually checking his mobile's message. His large, blue eyes scanned the reminder he had set for himself two weeks ago. He had been obsessed with this day and yet he had still managed to sleep in, putting everything in jeopardy.

He cornered into another hallway, scanned the path ahead, and pulled the screen back into his line of sight.


He muttered to himself and shoved the mobile into his sweater's pocket, stopping at the elevator only to realize it was still out of service. He grunted and smacked at the door with his bony, grey fist. He sighed and began a controlled stumble down the stairs.

[[Cityheart District, Teslovia]]

Angn was sweating profusely as he made his way toward the SolariCo building. Greys did not deal with heat well and Teslovia was sweltering today. Even worse, the amount of running he had done to get to the rail in time to get to Cityheart District had left him panting and with a stitch in his side that had yet to recover. It was the middle of the day, but he felt blinded by the neon lights of holo-ads and signage that decorated the large lanes of the city. City life didn't agree with him at the best of times.

He stood at the front of the massive building that SolariCo had leased from the city. It wasn't the tallest building in Teslovia, but it was certainly impressive. Angn stood still, staring upward as a river of bodies made their way around him. He lowered his gaze toward the entrance door, and saw the virtual information board flash between a generic mission statement to something more in-line with why he was here. The sign read "SOLARICO DISTRICT BRANCH: CITYHEART. NOW HIRING. Angn stepped inside the sliding, transparent doors.

The foyer of the SolariCo building was gleaming and wide open. Thick columns tiled with slightly darker takes on the floor tiles lined the main, green rug-covered path toward the help desk. A handful of people, likely employees, were in the large room as Angn approach the desk. A friendly looking Kemezeckian woman sat there, spiral-shell headdress complimented by dangling beads, all framed by the large SolariCo logo on the wall behind her. IP

"How may I help you," she asked. Her voice gurgled slightly as the watercollar around her neck bubbled. The shell headdress and the watercollar made her body seem extremely top heavy, hinting at the incredible amount of muscle that kept her boneless body upright.

Angn stepped forward. "I have a job interview scheduled but I'm a little late-"

A loud, high pitched voice echoed in the foyer, "YOU! You're the one!"

Confused, Angn turned toward the direction of the yelling, only to have an Astro-mole in a hover chair collide with him.

"Whoops!" said the chair-bound Astro-mole as Angn fell in a heap on the floor.

The Astro-mole floated over him, leaning over his vehicle to see his handiwork. His fur was more grey than brown at this point, and his goggles featured thick, yellow lenses. Though his body was covered in fur, he most definitely had a pronounced and unkempt beard that contrasted with the crisp suit he wore. The chair itself was a rounded disk shape the whirred and chirped softly as it hovered in place.

"I really do need to get these brakes fixed," he said to himself.

The receptionist at this point was away from her desk and helping Angn to his feet. He dwarfed her tiny frame but she was immensely strong and practically bore all his weight as he rose.

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