Teaser for Drugs Food Sex and God

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How does a person suffer through towering obstacles and come out the other end, stronger, happier and more successful? From a life of drug addiction to a life of healing and abundance, from dealing with Mexican drug cartels to starting a thriving medical practice, from days confined in the darkness of a prison cell to days spent helping empower and motivate others. Dr. George takes us on a profoundly personal and inspirational journey. Through his own experiences he shows what it means to live a life that is truly free and guided by intention.

No matter how far down you feel your life has spiraled in terms of money, drugs, food, sex, co-dependency, you can STOP and start the very intentional spiral upwards to a life of freedom, love and unspeakable joy. This book invites anyone looking to change to start on the path to reclaiming their life.

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