"Well, are you guys going to stand there or fight back?" A voice called from the roof. Looking up, a man, blurred by the sun, stood with a gun in hand aiming at the small horde.


"We'll talk once you and your group are safely inside," the man instructed, interrupting Austin's question.

With no time to waste, Austin whipped the bat around, hitting the female Rabid square in the jaw. A crack resonated. Arryn practically felt the vibrations coming off the bat.

Arryn's skin boiled under the scalding flames as she drove her black-stained sword through one of the beast's skull. Melted flesh slid off the creature's face, exposing the black muscles underneath. Her eyes met the two black holes in front of her. She could see her reflection in the void.

After her father's death, she felt as if she had been sucked into a void. It had been a dark few days. Attempts were made to try to cheer her up, but they were feeble at best. She wanted nothing more than to be six feet under like her father. He was the last bit of family she had left. Her mother and Lincoln still wandering the earth like vagabonds, awaiting their next meal.

For days she sulked in her bed, crying herself to sleep. It wasn't until the third day when Dante had woken her up, demanding her to follow him, that she felt something again. Her father had wanted her to trust Dante as his last request. So, she did. She followed him out of the house and into the grass. There, he began training her, taking her mind off everything she lost, and turning it onto everything she still had.

Coming out of her walk back memory lane, she found that Austin was finishing off the last member of the horde. The beast lay on the concrete, attempting to raise its mangled body off the ground. Austin took his bat, driving the rounded end straight into its skull. Arms flailed as the creature fought death. Austin repeated the action. The sunken face meeting cold steel once more. This time, the exposed bone on the fingers only twitched.

"Tell your group to stop tearing down our barricade and to meet us at the entrance of Gamerz X-Treme. We'll let you in there. It's on the left side of the plaza."

"Why are you helping us?" Austin asked in pure shock.

"You blokes are the first living people we've seen in months. It's nice to see a friendly face," the man said. He gave them a nod, then proceeded to retreat out of sight.

From the looks of things, the rest of the group had overheard the conversations with the mysterious man. All three of them stared transfixed at the roof. Daniel had his gun cocked.

Austin and Arryn hurried over to the three of them, leaving the corpses ablaze on the ground.

"Maybe we should rethink our plan," Daniel said in a gruff voice. A scowl had found it way on his face.

"What do you mean?" Arryn asked confused. They were going to get inside. Isn't this what they had been trying to do for the past twenty minutes?

"These people could be luring us into a trap. We are nothing more than a quick loot to them."

"Daniel, they just saved our lives. If they wanted us for loot couldn't they have just picked it off our dead bodies?" Arryn scoffed. The world was once a decent place after all. Why did everyone have to be instantly piled into the antagonistic category on initial judgement?

"I say let's give it a shot," Austin said, wiping off his bat. "We have a good-sized group here. I don't know how many they have, but I think we can hold our own. We need those supplies. Our group won't last much longer without them."

"I don't like it anymore than you do," Dante said, looking at Daniel, "but Austin's right. We've come this far, and the supplies are within out grasp. So, let's bring back a victory for once."

Savannah looked around at everyone and sighed. "Whatever let's just decide quickly so we don't become appetizers."

Daniel pursed his lips, staring at the building calculatedly. His eyebrows furrowed. "Fine." He let out a huff.

The entrance had taken them roughly five minutes to reach, fending off a few zombies along the way. Upon arrival, the entry way seemed like all the others. Wooden boards covering the door, with barbwire around them. The windows were blacked out with boards on them as well.

"Is this a joke?" Daniel asked. He shook his head with a sigh.

"He did say the game store, right?" Arryn asked, looking at Austin.

"He did," Austin replied warily. She could see the trust fading from his eyes.

The sound of a gear turning inside silenced them. The door moved out towards them, leading them to back up. The gears kept squeaking as the door lifted upwards. Standing in the open doorway was the man she had seen on the roof.

He looked to be middle aged. Black hair sat neatly kept on his head. A curly beard stretched down to his chest.

"Name's Darius, now get in before those bloody things think we're a delicious plate of fish and chips." Nobody moved. "Blimey, we don't have all day."

Arryn looked at the others, giving them a nod before stepping into the shopping center.

Arryn looked at the others, giving them a nod before stepping into the shopping center

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