Absolutely Flabbergasted (6)

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      She stood in the room, feeling like she was going to prom, except she never attended prom. 

     Aeress had to admit, the dress was gorgeous, something belonging at the red carpet of the Met Gala. 

     The skirt was floor-length, crafted from layers and layers of crimson lace and sheer fabric, with threads of gold sewn throughout the entire dress. Her neck wack wrapped with a solid gold collar with black gems which held up the backless top. Her arms were covered in gold and black paint, as was the line across her face was. 

      She had never dressed so fancy before, but as soon as Nina presented the piece before her, how could she possibly say no? 

     Nina entered, startling Aeress out from her own mind. She was dressed in a simple black, silk gown. But even as it was not elaborate, she thought her look to be absolutely captivating. "Are you ready?" 

     "I'm nervous."

     "You aren't being coronated as queen. We simply wish to celebrate your accomplishment!" 

     "But there's going to be a hell of a lot more..." 

     "Werewolves? Well, do you remember the club you went to with your friend, Shaya?" She nodded. "Of course you do. All of those men and women were werewolves, including the bartender I noticed you got along with."

     "I knew it!"

     "But you didn't at the time. Those werewolves knew you were human the moment you walked in, and they didn't bother you a bit, did they? Only if you engaged first, correct? I just want you to remember that we are a functioning people who are just as aware as humans. We aren't savages."

     Aeress played with her short locks as they framed her face. "Listen, I'm not going to lie to you, because I believe you are a genuine person. Your people forced me to stay, against my will. You still are. But the more you explain, the more I have come to understand. And not one of you has harmed me, which I appreciate immensely. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am trying." 

     Nina took her hands in hers with a gentle touch. "No, Aeress, thank you. I wish we could have met under different circumstances, but I am glad to have met you anyway. You are truly the most special human I have come across."

     "Well, thank you, Nina." Aeress didn't understand how a character could be so trusting. 

     "The guests are waiting for you, as is our Premier." 

      Aeress had yet to meet this mysterious man. "Who are they again?" 

     Nina chuckled. "Silly me. I just assume by you extensive knowledge that you know just about everything. Think of the Premier as the alpha of alphas. He is the ultimate power, the leader which we all praise. He can be an intimidating man, but he leads well." 

     Her heart dropped with fear and awe. Her mind thought back to the male she encountered before. It couldn't have been him, right? "I saved his life?" 

     Nina nodded. "The man..." she had a sympathetic smile. "The one who attacked you, was part of a plan to assissinate our Premier. Many would do just about anything to steal his power. But the plan was foiled by you." 

     Aeress wilted a little. "I didn't really do that much. All I did was bump into the guy. He did the rest of the work." 

     Nina chuckled, rather like she knew something Aeress didn't. "Come now, we musn't keep them waiting longer." 

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