Whipped Cream Fighhhhhhht!

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I woke up and turned over to realise Ash wasn't next to me, I checked my phone to see what the time is '10:50a.m' I get up and go to the bathroom to do my teeth, hair and make up. I get dressed into trackies and an old tank top before going into the lounge area to sit down, I decide to check my twitter, I scroll through my newsfeed but stop when a tweet catches my eye. "YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY NOT A TRUE FAN IF YOU DON'T SUPPORT THEM!!!!" The tweet reads, I decide to tweet the girl back. "Thank-you so much for your support, me and @Ashton5SOS appreciate it alot, Love you :)x " I send the tweet and instantly get alot of people replying to my tweet, I scroll through them all of them are positive. "Ignore the haters, they're just jealous, ily both so much." a tweet says,.I favourite the tweet then decide to tweet Ash asking where he is. "@Ashton5SOS Where ARE YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU? ❤" I send the tweet and instantly receiving alot of replies from fans. Ash tweets me separately so I could see it. "I'm inside come join me and Mikey ❤❤❤❤" Ash replies,I retweet it before locking my phone and heading towards the building, I reach the building and open the door. 'Where do I go from here?' I thought confused, Okay the boys have been playing here for a couple of days and are playing their final show here tonight but it's still a big place, I don't know where to go. I walk along the corridor more before I see a sign that says Dressingrooms with an arrow pointing which direction to go, I decide to go to the dressingroom to wait for Ash and Mikey. I walk in leaving the door open,I head to the kettle and begin making a cup of tea. I add the teabag and sugar and go for the milk before feeling a pair of arms wrap around my waist. "Lastnight was amazing, we need to do it more often babe." The familiar voice whispered into my ear. "Hello to you too." I say laughing, hearing Ashton's giggle. "Do you guys wanna drink?" I ask politely. "Yeah please." Mikey says, I grab another cup. "What about you Mr. Irwin? " I ask smiling at him kissing his nose. "Yes please babe. " He replies kissing my cheek, I grab another cup adding teabags, sugar and Milk. I boil the kettle and spin around in Ashton's arms. He kisses my lips, I kiss back. "Missed you so much babe." Ash said against. my lips. "You to..... " I get interrupted. "Get a fucking room." Mikey says making me laugh. I turn back round and finish the drinks. I pour the water in the cups and stir a spoon in each cup before throwing the teabag in the bin. Ash takes his and Mikey's drinks and places them on the table, I put mine down and sit down on the sofa next to Ash opposite Mikey. We all sit in silence for a while. Honestly you could hear a pin drop it was that quiet. "OH SHIT!" I heard Mikey curse. "What's up Mikey?" I ask looking in his direction. "I was meant to meet Calum 10 minutes ago outside the gates..... I..... gotta...... go." He explained picking up his drink and drinking it in-between speaking. "Okay cya Mikey." I say smiling as he opens the door. "Cya mate." Ash said. "Love you both." Michael replied before walking away. "Just us two alone together again eh?" Ash said smiling. "We are haha." I replied laughing before I remembered something from the night before. "Ash lastnight you whispered something but I didn't quite hear what you said, what did you say?" I ask turning my body towards Ash. "Ohhhhhh...... Mikey has a crush on you but he knows you're mine and he understands so he's just trying to act 'Normal but he doesn't know that I know." Ash explain, my eyes grow wider. "SHIT" I whisper under my breath, Ash smiles. "Just promise me you won't start liking him over me." He said causing me to smile and put my head on his shoulder. "I promise Ash, I love you so fucking much." I say looking up at him. He doesn't reply instead he connects our lips, moving in sync, we kiss for what feels like forever but was probably a couple of minutes.We break apart, I grab my cup and pick up Ashtons handing it to him. "Thanks babe." Ash says smiling his cute smile. I finish my drink and go to the sink to wash it up. "Oh Ash I gotta go to the bathroom, I'll be back." I explain,he nods his head. I walk out of the room and go to the rest room. When I got back Ash was led down on the sofa with his eyes shut. I walk over to him, pushing his bandana up more,I kiss his forehead and whisper into his ear. "I'm back Ash, I love you." I'm not sure if he heard anything I was saying or not but he pulled me onto the sofa where he was led, he moved one of his legs so I could lie down, I lie down and rest my head on his chest. I draw circles on his chest while he plays with my hair. "Love you too babe." he whispers back making me smile. Me and Ash must've fallen asleep because I can't remember anything that happened after that.

I woke to people shouting and laughing, I grab for my phone and look at the time "5.15p.m" I put my phone down and slowly get up, Ash wakes up . "Hey Ash,it's 5.15 you gotta get ready to go on stage." I tell him, he jumps off the sofa and grabs a redbull to wake him up. Calum,Luke,Mikey and Lauren walk in. "Hey guys." Mikey shouts pushing open the door, I groan still not fully awake. "I'm guessing you two slept while we were out." Lauren said laughing. "Mhmm." Was all I managed to get out. Ash walked over and sat down next to me. I stand to go to the bathroom. I come back a few minutes later to see Luke sat in by seat. Instead of moaning I sat next to Lauren, I sit down and see Calum smiling then I hear Ashton's voice. "GUYS LET'S PLAY A FUCKING.....ROCKING SHOW TONIGHT "Ash says. "What? I gotta look good for the show tonight." Luke says giggling, looking at his phone to fix his hair. "Are you recording this? I just swore,you can't post this anywhere." Ash says looking at Calum's phone with a serious look on his face. "FUCK YOU CALUM." Luke shouts pointing at the phone in Calums hand. Cal stops recording and I burst out laughing.

Soon enough it's time for the boys to go on stage. "Love you guys, good luck out there." I say hugging each boy but Ash the longest.

"Guys I've broken my drum kit." I hear Ashton's voice and laugh. Derek, the guy that fixes Ash's drum, goes to fix his drum. "This song is called...... ASHTON BROKE HIS DRUM...... 1 2 3 4......ASHTON BROKEN HIS DRUM.....ASHTON BROKE HIS DRUM....SING IT." Mikey says, I hear the crowd singing the lyrics and laugh.

A few minutes later,Ashton's drum kit was fixed and they carried on playing. Me and Lauren ask their tour manager if we can "surprise" the boys, I know One Direction did it with them once but we decided to do it with these boys. "Of Course, here you are." He handed us paper plates full of whipped cream. I run on stage and head towards Mikey. I hit him in the face with the plate causing the crowd to scream. I grab another one and hit Ash with one. He screams like a girl and shouts down the mic. "ASHLEIGH GOT SOME CREAM ON MY BEAUTIFUL DRUM KIT." Ash says pretending to cry, I laugh and hug him, I walk to where Mikey was stood , Ash walks round the drum kit and runs towards me but slips on the whipped cream on the floor, I run towards him but also slip and fall ontop of him. "GET A ROOM. " Mikey shouts making me laugh, I try to stand but fall back down. "Right let's get back to playing." Calum said taking the cream off his face. Ash gets up slowly, looking down,seeing he was covered in cream. I run off stage so Ash wouldn't get me, the crowd screams loudly, before the boys start singing again,making the crowd sing along.

Me and Lauren (mainly me) get cleaned up before the boys burst through the door cream covering their bodies. "HUG ANYONE?" Ash says walking towards me, I walk back but soon hit a wall. " NOOOOOOOOO I JUST SHOWERED." I said as Ash attacked me in a hug. "Fuck sake Ash,now I gotta shower again." I moaned, heading towards the showers.

I get dressed after my second shower. "I'm gunna have an early night, I gotta headache,night guys,love you all." I say hugging them all. Ash follows me. "Night babe, love you so fucking much, and thanks for the cream fight " Ash said laughing,making me laugh. "Welcome Ash,love you so fucking much too." I say,my head on his chest,my arms around him, I begin to fall asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. "Love you babe" Ash whispers.

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