【11. ғᴀᴄɪɴɢ ʟᴏᴋɪ】

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❆ 2015 ❆

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Freya was at the hospital visiting Peggy "I'm so glad Steve's alive." Peggy said making Freya smile, she gave Peggy a small nod "I'm glad you two got to see each other again." Freya said with a small smile "what about you and Loki? Have you seen him yet?" Freya looked away and sighed before shaking her head, she looked up at the wall avoiding Peggy's gaze "no. No, I haven't. Though he's an Avenger now so, I can't avoid him forever." She then looked back at Peggy "I just don't want him to think he still owns me because of our marriage, I don't even wear the ring anymore. Threw it in the river when you got rid of Steve's blood." Peggy smiled and placed a hand on Freya's "you will have to face him, and when you do don't lead him on. Tell him how you fell. Tell him that you've changed. That you're no longer in need of someone controlling you because you are not fragile. Tell him everything." Freya nodded with a small smile, suddenly a beep came from Freya's phone she looked at it and saw a text from Clint.

Need your help. Get to Avengers Tower. Now.

Freya looked at Peggy "I gotta go. See you soon, Peggy." Freya kissed Peggy's head before leaving the room and running down the street towards Avengers Tower, it wasn't that far from the hospital. She got in and went to the elevator quickly texting Clint to let him know she was there before pressing the elevator button, Freya waited impatiently as the elevator went up but once the doors opened she stepped out and walked around the Tower looking for the others, she then stumbled upon all the destroyed robots "Freya." A voice interrupted her voices. Freya turned around and saw Clint standing there with everyone, but her eyes immediately fell upon Loki who looked almost shocked and heartbroken "you have got alot of explaining to do." Freya said to all of them "so have you." Loki responded causing Freya to look at him. She became a bit angered and hurt "I don't have to explain anything to you, because if I do then so does Odin, Heimdall and you have alot more to do yourself. Now, please explained to me what happened here." Freya responded, she didn't care about explaining anything to Loki right now, Tony stepped forward looking ashamed for some reason.

"I tried to create an A.I. using materials from the blue orb attached to Loki's sceptre, it created Ultron but...Ultron misinterpreted my words...he wants to make us extinct, and you as well." Freya sighed and shrugged her shoulders "guess I'm helping you then." Steve looked at her "are you sure?" Freya nodded with a small smirk "got nothing better to do with my time, but you will need to update me on how much Ultron knows and where he might be heading." They all nodded Freya looked at Loki who was just watching her "would you like to take a picture Loki? It will last longer incase, you know, I get killed by an imposter during the middle of the night." She saw Loki tense up at that being mentioned "we're gonna leave you guys alone." Everyone left the room meaning it was just Loki and Freya standing there alone. Loki moved closer "why didn't you come back?" He asked Freya looked at Loki "do you think I would've stayed if I could go back? Odin told me you were dead and then banished me to Earth for all eternity. Why didn't you come find me? Why didn't you see past Odin's lies?" Freya asked Loki was now face to face with her.

"Heimdall said he could see you but you were in Valhalla, with our child. Where is our child?" Freya looked at Loki with pain in her eyes "Axelia died when she was one, I couldn't save her from the babysitter that I had hired to look after her. She's in Valhalla. She has been for over 60 something years." Freya sat down at the bar as Loki drew in a sharp breath "I'm sorry you had to go through that alone." Freya chuckled and shook her head causing Loki to look at her "I wasn't alone, I had Peggy Carter and Howard Stark." Loki became mad at that "Stark? You associated yourself with the man that created the idiot who's about to make us extinct?" Freya stood up looking at Loki "for your information I have a life of my own, I have a mind of my own. No one controls me." Freya argued at Loki getting offended "I am your husband!" Loki yelled "you were my husband you're not anymore!" Freya yelled causing to wash over Loki as Freya looked at him angrily "you may think you own me, but you don't. No man does." Loki just looked at her with a clenched jaw as he breathed heavily "and in the time that I thought you were dead, I moved on. Fell in love with other people. The love that I once had for is....it's not as strong as it once was. I don't even know if I still love you." Loki stepped forward placing a hand on Freya's cheek "please. You don't mean that. I still love you." Freya looked at him "do you love me? Or...do you love the fragile princess who died with her daughter?" Freya then walked away to go find the others.

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