ship theme songs with gREAT EXPLANATION

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Fuck yeah im doing this, but like, just few of it-

Cuz im lazy asf but I wanna keep on posting.

So yeah.

Also, tw: some songs r rlly,rllly heccing old, like holy crap, does any of u even listen to those-

If so, ur my friend.


There is nothing holding me back by Shawn Mendes

Cuz, idk, it kinda fits?

Like, they r young and nothing holds em back to go on and love each other?

Idk, but it is rlly sweet-


Im in Heaven when you kiss me by ATC

This song is way to old, but still, kinda fave-

So uhh, there is explanation that like, Alex is hard worker, and doesnt rlly has time for his bf, John Laurs so when they kiss, John is happy cuz he wants the moment to last.

Unless they want to fucc.


All or nothing by Theory of deadman

It f i t s, trust me.

Like, imagine Alexander being troubled and Laf is always there for him.

And in song there is line where it says 'its our back against the ocean, babe, its us against of world....' like Lafayette is gonna fight everyone off for Ham, or Ham gon do the same.

Unless if it is John, cuz they r very gay for him.


Over and over by Three days grace

Stfu, the song is one of my favorite, and I will always love it.

I dont actually ship Jamilton but the song actually fits.

Like, Thomas is tired of Alexander but he falls for him over and over and asks himself why is he keeping falling in love with him while Alex just plays him around his finger.


Strong enough by Apocalyptica

Holy crap, one of toxic relationships again!

Ayyyy ok so this is a bit sad actually. Like John and Alex r in toxic relationship with Thomas and they arent strong to stay away from him, cuz they love him so much but Jefferson is dick here.

Untill Alex chop chop his dicc.


Starring role by Marina and the diamonds

Idk y but whenever I hear this song, it just reminds me of thaurens for some reason.

Like John is sad cuz he loves Thomas and Thomas uses him for sex while he loves James or Alexander.

And John is tired of shit so I jus imagine him killing himself with gun.

Im frickng sorry ok-

Ok now, happy songs!!!



Perfect two by Auburn

Holy crap, that song is so cute! I lo v e it-

Like Laurens n Eliza being cute fluffy beans, holy molly

Kk i dont have really so much songs that i listen, i listen basically to old song sue me

So yeah, these r my (few) ship themes but also soon r coming new :33

Also, this is my theme song everyday in school:


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