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Ian stood tall despite his bullet wound. Mike looked from him to Blake. His father-in-law still seemed shaken by the news that Devon's revenge had started because of Blake's murder of his parents. Mike shook his head, and Ian imagined he couldn't comprehend Blake killing anyone. Blake wasn't that kind of man anymore. 

Mike's gaze darted from Devon to the men and back. He was looking for some way to help.

Claire stood beside the open passenger door, clenching the side. She gasped, and Mike's gaze went to her. "What about Claire?"

Devon's gaze swung to Mike, but the gun did not. "What about her?"

"If you let them have my family, what about her?"

Devon's gaze softened. "I'm so sorry, Mike. I know this is going to be hard on you. The easiest thing is to accept it as quick as possible and move on. Get yourself a new family. A human one. You had to know this one would be a problem."

"Did you?"

"Oh, yes. I did. But I fell in love with Claire, even though I tried my best not too. Once that happened, I did whatever I needed to make her mine."

"So I ask again. What about Claire?"

"Claire is, of course, coming with me. And perhaps Claire would like to tell you the rest."

Claire's eyes widened at Devon as she shook her head no.

"Yes, my wife. I think it should be you."

Claire glanced at her dad and her sister with teary eyes. When her gaze went back to her husband, she shook her head again.

"Tell them!" Devon's voice cracked hard as a whip.

Claire pulled in a sob and held her lip between her teeth. She threw one more glance at Devon, and let his hard stare dictate her actions. She stared at the ground as she started to speak. "I'm sorry. I never meant—I didn't want you all to ever know. But Devon's told me what they can do, the danger they are."

"What we can do," Azurine said. "what we are."

Claire frowned at her sister. "Not me. I can't do those things."

"Really? Have you ever tried?"

"Of course not. They are dangerous and against humanity." Claire looked to Sonora. "Sunny, I'm so sorry, but I had to turn him in. I wanted you safe. You don't understand the danger you were in."

Azurine looked at her sister in horror as Sonora started to sob in her arms. "You turned in Ian? You knew what Devon was doing?"

"Please understand. It was for her own good. For everyone's." Claire shook her head. "Devon doesn't hurt them any more than he has to. The information he is getting is important. It can help people."


"I couldn't let Sunny become like me. Remember what happened that summer? How beautiful he was, how beautiful it all was? Dad told us who were, and it all seemed so perfect.

"I loved him so much. The Atlantian connection we shared was so deep, unlike anything I'd felt before. He said we'd be together as soon as he came back.

"But then he didn't come back. He just sent me that stupid little note that said, "Not coming" with the little shark on it. Do you remember that Azurine? How I hated him then, hated them all."

Tears fell from Azurine's eyes as she nodded. "Oh, Claire."

"But after all these years, I can't forget him, can't forget what we had. I never got rid of that note, I can't stop carrying it."

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