Be the Villainess? Oh dear

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I'm currently drinking my milk in my luxurious garden with my fairytale book in my lap.

Sigh~ It's been 3 years since I woke up and I found out that I'm in a manga I used to read.

It's a romance-high school story, called My Love for you.

(It's my own idea 😂. There's no such thing as this story, okay?)

It happened in an aristocratic school that only a rich and noble's can attend. Kizoku Academy.

It's about a commoner girl who got scholarship to attend this school and was bullied by the students who thinks of themselves highly.

Her name was called, Tachibana Aiko, a pure and cute girl with her pink hair and peach eyes. She was the so-called Heroine.

Anyways, being bullied by those spoiled brats, she met the capture targets. They slowly fell in love with her when I, the villainess, continues to bully her with my status.

I mean, I, Ariadnna Edelfelt, was a half Japanese and half european spoiled princess. Growing up as the only child of Edelfelt family, I was spoiled rotten by my relatives and some of the upper circle.

And it was the cause of the game's Ariadnna's rotten and high self-esteem personality. Looking down on everyone except her childhood friends whose on the same social circle as her and also her childhood friends, no, playmates.

Because she wants attention all her life and was ignored by her playmates, she tried her best to get their attention. After all, she's the only girl in their social circle, as her playmates were all boys, the heirs of their respective families.

But it was the opposite effect, they think of her as annoying and disgusting spoiled princess. So, they tried everything to ignore her.

But when she saw how they treated the Heroine differently, she couldn't help getting jealous and angry. Thus, her continuous bullying. Resulting of their families collapse and her destruction. Being a spoiled princess she is, she doesn't know any work and decided to sell her self until she died.

Sigh~ really. I have to prevent that from happening, which means I have to prevent talking or have any connections from those children.

Be the villainess? Ara-ara~

"Ojou-sama, Nozomi-sama request your presence." a maid stop me from my thoughts.

Hmm~ okaa-sama did? I wonder what it is....

Arriving at the living room, I found my mom sitting gracefully in front of my equally graceful father, talking to each other.

When they notice my presence, they turn their gaze at me and smiled brightly. Especially my mother.

And from the looks of it, I won't like what she'll say.

"My~ Ari-chan, you've grown again."

I deadpanned.
Huh?! We always see each other. Don't talk like we don't see each other for so long. Nah, like I can say that.

Anyways, smiling so sweetly, I bowed.

"Yes, that's right,Okaa-sama."

I'll just agree with you, okay?

"Fufufu, my daughter really tooks after me, so beautiful and elegant, fufufu."

Hai! Hai! Say whatever you want.

Walking to a one sitter seat, I look at them again, silently.

"Ah~ my daughter is now a grown up,"

Father stop making that tear-like face.

"Is that so?" I smiled sweetly.

Once again, I keep silent as they keep saying flattery  words. Sigh~ if they're like this, they have a favor.

Well, it's not like I can say 'no' to them.

"Then, what is it?" I keep straight to the point.

Really~ this parents of mine. I feel like I'm the adult one here.

I facepalm when they immediately change their flattery expression to a serious one.

Oh well, let's just give them an innocent smile.

Look~look~. They soften up fufufufu.

"Ari-chan, you'll agree, right?" Mother started.

"Eh? Agree to what okaa-sama?"

"Uhmm, you see, my best friends and I decided to meet."

Eh? Ehh?! Don't tell me-----

"And we'll bring our dear children with us."

No. No way. I don't want to go! It's tiring getting dressed up like a doll.

"Fufufu you'll agree right, Ari-chan?"

Can I say no?


If I'm the old Ariadnna, I would have agreed already. But it's different okay?! I have to plan my future!

"I'll take that as a yes then."

Huh? Eh?

"No taking back. Ohohoho."

With that, I came back to my senses and saw her walking away.

Say what?!

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