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Domestic AU cuz I need that

Also, Phillip is 9, Frances is 11 and Theo is 6

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"Im homee!" Aaron whined from doorway, taking off his sweat jacket.

"Daddy!!!" Theodosia ran to him, in her small dress and french braids.

Aaron smiled and looked at her.

"Papa made me braids! Phillip and Frances were making me color book!" Theo exclaimed.

He smiled brightly and hugged her.

"That is great, honey!" Aaron smiled and picked 6 year old.

"That is great, honey!" Aaron smiled and picked 6 year old

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Aaron walked into kitchen, which was connected to living room and seen his husband eith tgeir other kids.

"Daddy's home!" John announced.

Phillip and Frances quickly turned their head and gasped as they ran to their dad.

"Dad!" Frances said brightly.

Phillip and Frances hugged him tight as Aaron looked at John, and John looks at him back, completely in love.

(Im sorry but-, He looks at me, I loOK AT HIM, AND HE LOOKS AT ME, AND I LOOK AT H I M)

"Hello handsome." John flirted, walked to him and pecked his lips.

"Ewwwww, Theo lets go! We shall paint Phillip's nails." Frances winked as Phillip whined but giggled.

"YES!" Theo exclaimed, excitedly as Aaron placed her down, and their children soon in Frances bedroom.

John giggled and rolled his eyes, as he pressed himself onto Aaron, sighed and kissed his neck woobly.

Aaron hugged him back, letting himself relaxed.

"How are you, sugar? Kids were killin ya?" Burr sighed, lead himself and his husband on couch.

"Mmmmf" John hummed, and relaxed.

*rlly big time skip cuz im lazy as hecc, btw this is already after dinner n kids r going to sleep cuz it is time to fuk tiem, get tf over it*

"Are kids sleeping?" John asked hushedly as Burr closed the doors, and OOFED lights.

"Yes. Now, lemme cmere, I want you..." He said hushedly.

On second, he was top on John, rubbing his thighs.

John gasped for a bit.

"A...aaron..." He drawled as Aaron leaned in and kissed him slowly, pressing their bodies together.

"P-please... I want you Aaron...dont make me wait- aH!" He gasped as Burr pressed his fingers against his inner thigh.

"Shh...on hand and knees, baby. Hand and knees...." He whispered lowly.

John gulped and quickly went on position.

Burr licked his lips, in hunger, in lust as he took off John's boxers down, earning short gasp.

Aaron smirked and began to rub John's thighs, slowly getting it to his ass cheeks, as he messaged him.

John gasped again but stayed silent, even when Burr actually parted his cheeks and air hit on his swollen hole.

"P-please..." He begged.

Burr smirked and leaned down as his teased his hole with his tongue, swirling and licking it around the hole before dipping in.

John arched his back, and moaned lowly.

He thanked the God that kids were hard sleepers.

"Aa...aarkn please...dont tease...SHIT!" He cursed silently as Aaron was humming, sending vibrations around his hole, through his body.

Soon enough, Aaron pulled it away.

"Need a prep babe?" Aaron asked.

"N..no. I dont need prep. Please, just...put it in already." Hd nuttered, his eyes shiny from tears.

Aaron smirked.

"Someone is desparate." He teased.

John looked at him, clearly annoyed and angry.

"Excuse me, but you would also be desparate for cock! You know that im physicly stronger then you, I can you bend you over, slap your ass and pound into yo-- OH GOD!" John moaned, interrupted as Burr was finnaly pounding into him.

"So what were you saying? You will pound into me, huh babygirl??" Aaron was thrusting so fast, impossible on John of how to focus as he held himself onto bedpost.

"F....fuck you!" He cried out as he was reaching his climax, only for Burr to lean down, to grab his dick and whisper (no homo xDDDD) "Gladly...."

And his hips were going so fast, his hand was doing it faster as his other hand was digging nails into his hip.

"Im close, im close, im close, f u c k!!" John cried out.

"Go for it. Cumm for me!" Burr growled, trapped his dick with fingers ovef his head, as Burr was completely missing out his spot.

"F-f-fuck!! Please!! Im sorry!" John cried out.

"Hmmm better....nws come one!" He grunted, now fucking that throbbing spot as his hand was jerking him off.

"Ah!!!" John cried out as he cummed, Burr giving few more thrusts and he cummed deep in him.

John panted and fell on bed.

"Babe, you good? Did I broke you?" Aaron asked, concerned as he pulled off him, hugged his small lover.

John couldnt form words, he was crying.

"Ohh John..." Burr hugged him and rocked him.

After what seemed like hours, John spoke up.

"Next time, I will fuck you till Heaven gates..." He murrmured, tired and exahusted.

"Babe, you aint talking straight..." Aaron murrmured, sleepily.

"Where have I ever? But seriosly, imma love on your ass real hard next time, so much till you cannot walk for days and we will have to buy you wheelchair." John said, drifting of  to sleep.

He received small chuckle.

"I'd like to see you try."

To be continued.

Imma make Burr bottom cuz, i cant process of who shall be bottom nor top.

Ig they switch

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