some things we should know - harry centric

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Prompt: Harry has asthma, something he doesn't really like telling people. To him it doesn't matter that his boyfriends don't know, but a camping trip will change that.


Harry had always hated his asthma, having it for as long as he can remember. When he was younger it was awful; he could hardly do anything without it annoying him and always getting teased for having to sit out of p.e and gym class, that combined with his small height and thin frame meant he basically had a target on his back all throughout high school. When the attacks became less frequent and he started to not need his inhaler so often he was overjoyed! No more being tied down by asthma, soon after this he auditioned for xfactor and was put in a band called One Direction. Harry was always coddled a lot in the band, all the other boys seemed so much taller and stronger; not that Harry minded of course as he loved the cuddles and being carried around. Soon the boys became not just band mates but in secret boyfriends and Harry loved every moment with them. From Niall's hugs to Liam's jokes, Zayn's love bites to Louis' pet names. However, Harry hadn't told any of them about his asthma; he had just assumed it wasn't important anymore, and sure the boys all noticed it, how Harry always seemed slightly out of it after large concert and seemed to lose his breath for a while afterwards but they trusted Harry, he would say if something was up. Except they were wrong.


It was the end of another amazing concert from the uan tour and the boys were still energised from it. The boys were running around in the private parking lot of their hotel while Paul sorted out some business inside, Harry staying out a bit, lying on the edge of grass at the edge and staring at the sky so as not to overwork himself anymore than he had at the concert. "Run Neil! I'm coming after you!" he heard Louis shout through his panting breaths, quick footsteps on concrete echoing through the almost empty area, a few second afterwards a high pitch squeal occurring "Lima help me!" an Irish voice called out. The nicknames make Harry chuckle, but he stopped when felt someone lie next to him, rolling around onto his side he came face to face with a pair of golden, gentle eyes.

"H-hello Zayn" he stuttered out, nervous to be so close to the older boy. Zayn just smirked at the effect he had, "Hello love" he responded, voice low and deep, creating a pink tint appear on the curly boys cheeks; the sound of the other boys shrieking in the background. "Are you alright?" Zayn murmured as he caressed Harry's cheek, "You're not joining in with the others and you look exhausted babe-" running his fingers over the dark purple under Harry's eyes "are you getting enough sleep?" he continued to stress until Harry brought his hands to a halt; "I'm fine Zaynie" the younger lad whispered, closing his eyes. "It's just..the tour and everything, it's a lot y'know?" Harry rambled, nervous to be talking about himself. The Bradford lad nodded in understanding, knowing that feeling all too well himself.

"Well, then you'll be glad to know that the boys and I have planned tomorrow as a surpise over night camping trip, a small break for all of us" Zayn admits, smiling wide to reveal the plan, suddenly all the boys walked over. "Zaynnn" Louis pouted, the excitable eldest sulking over, "I thought we agreed that I'd tell him!" he mumbled, causing Liam to lift his head; "wait, I though it was my turn?" he questioned, Harry just blinked up at them all, cursing his height. Suddenly Niall came bounding over and lifted up Harry into his arms, causing him to squeal slightly "pretty sure the plan involved all of us lads? but not to matter! At least someone said it!" turning his eyes to Zayn who smiled sheepishly at the ground.

Suddenly Harry realised how late it was, and how cold it was; shivering his buried himself into Niall to block out the cold. Hearing a chorus of 'awwww' he lifted his head again. "Are you cold, love?" Niall fretted, putting his head to Harry's, receiving a nod for an answer. Suddenly he feels himself being lifted into someone else and immediately knows who it is by the strong arms and light sent of familiar shampoo, "Lets go inside then boys, can't have our little Hazza freezing" the comforting Doncaster accent surrounding Harry as he heard the door to the hotel building open and the warmth of the inside lulling him to sleep with strong arms around him.

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