surgery - niall centric

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Prompt: Can you do prompt where Niall finally gets his knee surgery and he has trouble keeping up with the boys busy schedule because of the medication, the pain, the knee brace, and whatnot?


Niall felt like he was floating when he woke up.  He was surprisingly comfortable for the awkward position he was in, but then again the medicine the doctors had given him were probably messing with his mind a bit.  His eyes couldn’t open completely, but he knew he was in a hospital.  The knee surgery he’d needed for such a long time had finally happened.

It was a good thing he’d finally gotten it over with, though it was no doubt going to make his already crazy life even more chaotic.  The doctor had told him he would have to use crouches for around 4 months along with a knee brace.  He’d be put on a prescription to keep his knee from hurting too much, as well.  Which would definitely be needed given he was still going to have to perform and travel on foot. 

The boys had been nothing but supportive.  They’d come up with a plan so that one of them was always with their blond boyfriend.  Harry stayed with him on Mondays, Zayn stayed with him on Tuesdays, Liam stayed with him on Wednesdays, Louis stayed with him on Thursdays, Harry and Zayn stayed with him on Fridays, Liam and Louis stayed with him on Saturdays, and they all stayed together on Sundays.

It was set and the boys were definitely ready to bring their boyfriend home.  He’d been in surgery for over 4 hours while they waited in the waiting room.  Louis had already suggested that on the first day they all just stay home and cuddle so that Niall could get used to his knee brace, and could start with getting around short distances. 

Liam was playing some game on his phone as he lay in the lap of a sleeping Zayn while Harry had curled himself up in Louis’ lap as they both looked through twitter together when a nurse came out calling them. “You can go see your friend now if you’d like?” Nodding happily they all got up, Liam having to shake Zayn awake, so they could follow the friendly girl down the hall to where Niall was.

He was awake, but they could tell he was exhausted.  Smiling softly Zayn kissed his nose, “How you feeling, babe?” “’M tired.” Niall mumbled and they all laughed quietly at how adorable Niall was being.  “He’ll be able to leave in about an hour or so.” The nurse informed them before leaving them alone.

Huddling around the small blond they all took turns kissing him and hugging him as the whispered, “We love you so much, Ni.”  Niall couldn’t have been happier, even in his exhaustion he let a huge grin stretch across his face.  “Love you too.” He murmured sleepily. 

Before they knew it Niall was being checked out and they were on their way home.  Niall struggled slightly with the crutches, but he managed to stay upright as they loaded up into the van.  It didn’t even matter that it had taken them twice as long to get to the car than normal, because they were all just happy Niall was able to get this over with. 

It was a bit troublesome getting the crutches situated in the bottom of the van so that they didn’t bother anyone, but they all managed to sit comfortably in the backseat.  Niall leaned tiredly onto Liam’s shoulder and Liam smiled as he traced patterns on the younger boy’s thigh.  “When we get home, we’ll all lie down and watch some movies, yeah? You can rest properly then Niall.”

Nodding Niall kept his head on Liam’s shoulder, far too comfortable to move.  By the time they finally pulled up to the flat, Niall had practically fallen asleep.  “Ni? Baby, time to get up,” Louis cooed helping the drowsy boy out of the car holding his hand out so Zayn could pass him the crutches. After helping Niall get ready Louis began clearing a path through the girls, so Niall could travel through easier. 

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