Why Wouldn't I?; Chapter 1

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   "Help me, please," Ophelia begged after pleading her case to Laurette.

   "I'll help you for one month, then you have to give up. But if you change to his liking, I won't help you at all." Laurette answered after thinking for a bit.

   Ophelia sighed with relief once Laurette agreed to help her, "Thank you so much, I didn't think you would even listen to me.".

   "Why wouldn't I?" Laurette inquired, her eyebrows raising slightly.

   "'Cause I'm me," Ophelia hesitated, wondering why she was already being honest with Laurette, "I have two voices inside of me, It's like having two people with completely different opinions in my brain yelling at me at the same time. Part of my brain screams at me to get up and get stuff done or else I'll fail at life. Then, the other part tells me it doesn't matter anyway and I should just stay in my bed all day. I thought it was obvious and that's why no one but Kira, Kian, and kind of Flynn talked to me."

   "Oh, well I think no one talks to you, because you don't talk to them." Laurette's eyes were wide as she answered.

   Ophelia considered this and replied "Maybe.".

   An uncomfortable silence filled the space between Laurette and Ophelia.

   "Well, here's my number, text me so I can tell you what to do and all," Laurette said, shattering the silence.

   Once Laurette walked away, Kira, Ophelia's best friend, took her place. Kira was around 5'6, with really short, black hair, and she was pretty much a living aesthetic.

   "What was that? Why were you talking to the Queer Queen?" Kira asked frantically, she had long since dubbed Laurette as Queer Queen.

   Ophelia sighed, but started to walk beside Kira, "Well, I was getting her to help to me with Connor."

   "Did she say yes?"

   Ophelia just smiled in response, her upper back length hair moving slightly. Ophelia was around 5'2, had golden hair, sea green eyes, and rich honey-colored skin.

   "YES!" Kira exclaimed, "And maybe you could get her and me-"

   "Just because you called her Queer Queen, does not mean she is really les-"

   Kira cut off Ophelia before she could finish, "Yes it does. She has cats, she wore a black button-down shirt with red suspenders to a dance. It just spells out a typical high school lesbian.".

   "You're a high school lesbian, you aren't like that," Ophelia argued.

   "Because I'm not your typical lesbian in general. I'm trans, and, you're words, I'm an aesthetic. I'm assumed to be gay, by anyone." Kira said.

   "True, I still don't see how she isn't straight," Ophelia muttered.

   "You don't have the gaydar I do child." Kira joked.

   "Fair enough I guess. But, why do you even like Laurette?" Ophelia asked.

   "I don't really like her, I have standards. It's really a joke, like, she's pretty, and stuff. Not really my type though." Kira shrugged.

   "What is your type?" Ophelia questioned.

   "I really like Raven, a lot. So anyone like them." Kira said, thinking for a while.

   "Then ask them out, they are Laurette's friend."

   "No, I can't. I barely know them" Kira stressed.

   "So? Get to know them better." Ophelia let her words drag out.

   "No! How do I even talk to them? They're too good for me and amazing, and yeah. I could never meet Raven's standards." Kira ranted.

   "I highly doubt that Raven is a good person, and even if they turned you down, they would do it nicely " Ophelia assured Kira.

   "Yeah, of course. But, I don't know how to talk to her. I can barely ask a teacher for help, yet you expect me to talk with the Raven Irithiel." Kira emphasis on Raven's name made Ophelia chuckle slightly.

   "Just go, say hello, start a conversation."

   "From you, that doesn't mean much." Kira scowled.

   "Yeah, yeah." Ophelia sighed, "Let's go off campus for lunch today.".

   Kira nodded and they started to walk to Kira's car. Kira had an antique black VW Bug, it was apart of her pretty much. Her adoptive family gave it to her on her 17th birthday, so last year. Now it has two pride flag bumper stickers and rainbows everywhere.

   "Where you wanna go to eat?" Kira asked.

   "I don't know, what do you want?" Ophelia sighed deeply.

   "What about omg Chipotle, Chipotle I mah life, or Hi welcome to Chili's, or, Red Robin, Yummmm," Kira muttered.

   "Stop making vine references I won't get."

   "Never!" Kira bellowed, laughing joyously.

   Kira and Ophelia laughed as they drove off Campus. 

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Thank you for reading this, I'm not sure I'm only just publishing it. And yes, I did unpublish the story then republished it. I did some slight editing and changed a few things. Thank the moon for Grammarly. 

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