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The crowd gets louder as the intro video gets to an end, and by the time Harry has already sung his first line, he feels every worry fly out of him with the “Colombia!” he shouts out when he sees the stadium completely full, the smile doesn’t leave his face even after they finish Midnight Memories.

It goes more than alright. The ramps are not as steep as he remembers them being on that first day of rehearsal when he had to sit down more than he had to sing. He feels perfectly fine, running back and forth the catwalk and letting himself enjoy the rush of adrenaline he feels in his veins. The crowd is absolutely crazy, never leaving a moment of silence and Niall feels completely blissed out, he’s the happiest he’s been since January. 

The boys throw at him all kind of reassuring smiles, pats in the back and even some tweaks in his nipples. The fans sing along to every song, and Niall feels loved in a way he could never describe. 

A dull ache starts when they’re in the van on their way back to the hotel. Is not bad, maybe a little more strong than the pain he used to get after therapy or the few weeks he started walking without crutches again. It’s bothersome, but not terribly painful, he’s just tired, and the ice pack he brought from London could be of good use as soon as he gets to his hotel room.

He’s relieved, mostly. Because he definitely expected something worse, he expected the same pain that had been haunting him for the last half of the Take Me Home tour, but this is nothing compared to what he’s used to. He sighs out, feeling happy yet so sleepy all of a sudden, and he curls up against the source of warmth beside him.

It’s Harry, of course it is. And he’s looking at him with concern in his eyes, he’s been looking at him like that since they came off stage, but Niall’s been doing a good job at ignoring his band mate’s worry.

“Tired, are we?” Harry whispers, and that’s when Niall notices that Louis and Zayn are passed out in the other seat. Zayn’s head in Louis’ lap and Louis’ back resting against Liam’s shoulder. Liam is looking out of the window, looking contemplative, but peaceful. Niall feels the need to don’t disturb him, so he whispers back to Harry, “Yeah, just a bit.”

“Go back to my room when we get to the hotel, yeah?”

Niall frowns, but he’s nodding anyway, “Sure, but why? What do ya have up your sleeve, Haz?” 

Harry chuckles softly, breath tickling Niall’s neck, “My room is not as close to the street as yours, you’ll sleep better.”

“Thanks for your concern, but I need to ice me knee, and the equipment is in my room, already set up there. So it’s either we both spend the night listening to the fans screams, or you help me carry back that monster to your room.”

“I’ll help you set it up in my room, that’s fine, why do you need to ice it though, are you okay?” Harry asks, not whispering so soft anymore. Niall rolls his eyes.

“I’m fine, Haz. Just tired, it barely hurts. Not as much as it did last tour, remember? That was hell. It’s just the normal pain after physical exertion, now I just need a good rest.”

“Okay, if you say so.” Harry kisses Niall’s forehead and squeezes him in his arm before they go back to the quietness until they get to the hotel.

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