2018: Chapter 7

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It was official. Nick and I had joint custody of Mason and Kehlanhi. As I finished signing the custody forms I felt a pair of arms hug me from behind and lift me off the ground. I yelped. "Thank you so so much Clarissa!" Nick chirped. I smiled. "You're welcome, Nick. I'll drop the twins off at your home Sunday morning" I said, smiling. Nick hugged me tightly. I giggled and hugged back.

"I want to tell you something..." Nick said. I smiled. "What is it?" I asked softly. Nick's arms were still hugging my waist. Before I knew it, Nick pulled me close and kissed me. I was shocked, but I kissed back. I felt a spark. The spark Nick and I had while we were dating.  I pulled away, and my forehead connected with his. Nick smiled. "Wait... did you break up with Priyanka or something?" I asked. Nick's eyes widened. "Oh crap!" He said, while grabbing his jacket. "Nick!" I called out. "Clarissa I'm sorry. You can not tell anyone that we kissed okay? I love you" he said. He quickly kissed me then ran off. I sighed. I do really love Nick, and now I know he still loves me too. He probably has all this time. But now he's running off, to lie to his fiancé about what happened in court today.

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