Chapter Thirty-Four: Getting Away

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"What are you doing today?" Jacob asked leaning against Gabriela's doorframe when she opened the door to him, a smile on his face as he looked at her already knowing that she had the day off work. 

He'd checked with Sue and after his talk with Emma, Jacob knew that there was no time like the present to put his plan into action; he was finally up and about again after what had happened to him and he wanted to make the most of it. 

"I was just going to do some laundry," Gabriela replied with a shrug of her shoulders, she didn't really have any plans and she was a little curious about what he was doing here. 

It hadn't been that long ago that he'd been attacked and Gabriela was sure that Billy had a doctor's appointment today; she was almost surprised that Jacob was here right now instead of being with his father. 

"Great... I was thinking about taking a drive and wondered if you wanted to come with," Jacob suggested with a smile, he couldn't think of any reason that she would say no and it was better than being stuck inside all day. 

It was nice for once and given that it was late October, Jacob very much doubted that the weather would remain this way for long. 

There were predictions that the weather was going to be really bad this winter and Jacob knew that everyone was preparing for the worst of it in case the roads were really bad. 

Hesitating for a moment, Gabriela wasn't sure what to say before she nodded her head; it would be nice to get away for a little while and she had no doubts that it would clear her head. 

She'd been over thinking things and she knew that she couldn't get stuck in her head with what-ifs and other doubts that might stop her from living her life. 

"Great... I've got a perfect destination for us," Jacob replied waving at her to follow him, his car was parked out front and he couldn't keep the smile off his face.

He'd checked with Sam that he wasn't needed for the day and his friend was more than happy to deal with any pack issues that might come up; he was pleased to see that Jacob was doing something. 

There were people that worried that Gabriela still felt like an outsider to all of this and they knew that she was making the best of the bad situation that she had found herself in. 

The last couple of months had been hard on her and none of them could blame her for being more than a bit wary about what was happening; she just needed a little nudge in the right direction it seemed. 

Grabbing a light jacket and her keys, Gabriela stepped out of the house and closed the door behind her; she stared at the car knowing that she might come to regret this. 

Butterflies filled her stomach and she wanted nothing more than to go and hide back in her home; she pushed the feeling away and headed over to the car where Jacob was waiting for her. 

Jacob opened the passenger door for her and grinned as she looked at him confused, he didn't say anything and she slide into the car and he closed the door after her. 

He wasn't going to give anything away and he was sure that Gabriela had no idea what he had planned; he had been so careful to make sure that she didn't find out. 

"So where are we going?" Gabriela asked curiously looking at Jacob once he had climbed into the car, she pulled on her seatbelt sure that he had a destination in mind for their trip. 

Jacob just offered her a smile, before he put the keys into the ignition and slowly pulled away from the house; they had a bit of a drive ahead of them to reach their destination.


"I can't believe you brought me here," Gabriela said a little surprised where Jacob had brought them, she hadn't been expecting this and had gotten a little nervous when he had driven out of La Push and away from Forks. 

With everything that had happened, she had thought that Jacob would have been eager to stay close to home especially after he had been attacked. 

"What were you expecting?" Jacob asked as they started to walk down the street, he had to admit that he was glad to be away from what he knew and he was sure that Gabriela would apricate some time away as well. 

It had been easy to plan a little trip away for them and he knew that he had to thank Emma for helping him plan the trip to Port Townsend. 

He had wanted to go somewhere different and he knew that it was somewhere that neither he or Gabriela had been; a place that they could explore together and enjoy themselves. 

Turning left, Jacob headed up some steps while Gabriela paused at the moment a little confused with why they had come to this place; she peeked at the sign feeling like she was missing something. 

"Jake... this is a hotel," Gabriela said not understanding what they had come to it for, she had thought this was a day trip and they could surely get lunch or something elsewhere. 

Jacob laughed and looked at her, he had to admit that he was surprised that she hadn't caught on yet but he guessed that Emma had played her part well. 

"Well where else would we be staying the weekend?" Jacob asked raising an eyebrow, they were going to spend the weekend here and he knew that it would be a good break for them. 

Things had been difficult and being trapped on the reservation wasn't easy, they deserved a break more than anyone after the last couple of months.

"But I haven't got any clothes... or anything for a trip," Gabriela protested, she certainly wasn't prepared for this type of thing and she wished that she had been warned so she could have packed some stuff. 

She quickly caught the keys that Jacob tossed to her and looked at him further confused about what he was expecting her to do with them; she wondered if he had completely lost his mind.

"Check the boot," Jacob instructed her, he turned around and headed inside to get them checked in knowing that she would find what she was looking for inside. 

Heading back to the car, Gabriela wondered just what he meant and quickly opened the boot of his car to find a duffle bag and a backpack stuffed in the back. 

Reaching for the duffle bag, Gabriela opened it and stared before slowly reaching inside and pulling out the jumper that she was sure had been in her hamper basket waiting to be washed. 

There was a note attached to it and she took it off the jumper and leant against the car; she should have known that Jacob would have had help planning this. 

'Don't be mad. Enjoy your trip, you deserve to get away for a while... trust me, love Emma,' the note read and Gabriela shook her head. 

She didn't know what her best friend thought would come from this trip and she wished that she would have been warned by someone about this. 

Taking the bag from the car, she made sure to grab the backpack which she guessed had Jacob's stuff in for the trip; she had a feeling that he had a few more tricks up his sleeve. 

Jacob met her by the door and took the bags from her, despite the fact that she insisted that she was more than capable in carrying her own bag. 

He had their room key and he hoped that Palace Hotel was worth the money that he had spent for them to stay for the weekend; he wanted everything to be perfect and he knew that there would be no second chance. 

Operation Woo Gabriela was a go.

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