[ch. 6] i'm never moving again

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"I'm so dead." Tam said, sighing.

"Dude, same." Keefe said. 

They had just finished devouring their food and now the elven teenagers were lying around, not moving a muscle. 

"We should do something. Like active." Dex suggested.

"HAHAHAH that's funny. I'm never moving again." Biana said.

Keefe laughed. "Thats's my girl!" he said. Fitz groaned, and Sophie kicked him. "How about, I don't know, base quest?" she said.

"We've played that way too many times!" Lihn said. She was right, of course. They all groaned. "Let's just watch a movie!" Dex said. "Yeah, what movie though?" Sophie asked.



"HOW DID WE END UP HERE?!" (A/N: who got that? lol nobody I'm a loner haha ok bye)


The elves shouted random human movies, and Sophie just shook her head. "We can't watch any of those!"

"Okay fine. How about me and Biana go into a room and y'all stay right out here?" Keefe smirked. 

"Yeah, and hear disgusting stuff that could ruin our innocence forever? I think we'll pass." Tam said, rolling his eyes. Fitz just narrowed his eyes at Keefe. 

Everyone broke out into little conversations at this point. 

"You know Biana, I'm jealous of you. Your partner's hotter than mine." Keefe said, sighing. He walked away.

"Wait, but we're---COME BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE SHIT!" Biana screamed, running after him.

Sophie laughed, and Fitz looked at her. "You're so cute" he said, smiling. She stuck his tongue out at him. He laughed and hugged her, playing with her hair. Sophie caught Keefe watching with some sort of pained expression plastered on his face. 

She would've thought more about it if she wasn't interrupted. 

"GUYS OH MY GOD LOOK!" Lihn screamed. 

BWAHAHAH that's a cliffhanger for all ya peeps

so I was on Pinterest looking for one shot ideas and I can't use any here its all human ideas so I'm going to use them in my marvel/5sos books haha ok bye yall hate me don't you k byeeeeee

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