A forgotten friendship!

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Mavis arranged everything for the next events. Jonny took care of the DJ equipment and helping with the decorations.Everything was as it should be nothing new to the young couple. But something seems to bother the young Dracula. After Drac and I had talked to another, he seems to be acting strange. Mavis remembered knows what this means, he acted like that before...when Jonny arrived at the hotel. But before she could ask him about his concern, he was already out of sight.

"Excuse me Miss?"

Interrupted by her thoughts, she didn't see a monster approaching the reception. She never had seen him before.Instead of booking in, he handed her a letter, "This is for the head of the house. Best wishes from Baron Drackmor."

Mavis inspected the envelope, "What is it about?"

The man was chuckling, "Nothing for you to know about. Good evening Miss."

The young Vampire watched the small man leave the hotel in a hurry. Somehow, she didn't feel well about this. She decided to ask her father later, placing the letter in between the keys. As I passed the reception, I could see her look worried.

"Hi Mavis. What is wrong? Did the piranhas eat another relative of the gremlins?"

She shook her head, "No, it's just, Dad is acting strange. Normally he greets me the minutes he sees me, but he just went passed the table and down the dungeon." I understand her concern; normally he never skips a moment to tell her how much he loves his daughter. Mavis handed me the envelope, asking me to talk to her father. I should tell her all about it later. The lobby was crowded with new guests, that it is impossible to leave her position.Besides, she knows how well Drac and I get along.

I found him in a small room, roaming through several draws. Papers, unopened envelopes and documents covered the entire floor. "Looking for something?" My voice must have scared him, as she turned around, "N/A, what are you doing here?!" "Mavis gave me this for you." The count sighted loud at the words on the letter. He doesn't seem to be impressed. But instead of taking it,he pointed at a pile of letters that resembled the one, "Leave it there." I was not aware that he was an expert in procrastination,"You know that there is a reason for letters, but this is not one of them." His side glance said it all; he was not in the mood to argue with me. He turned his head back towards the sideboard, "I know what is in them. I don't want to read it all over again.""May I?" Drac nodded without looking in my direction. I was surprised at his approval to open it. The minute I had the letter out, I started to read out loud.

However, Drac has beaten me to it. He memorized all the words and began his speech, "Dear Dracula, The council is waiting for your decision, of moving out of that thing you call 'ahotel'. They won't wait forever. I suggest you do something about it. With best regards...Baron Drackmor."

"Why moving out?"

"The vampire council doesn't want me to run a hotel. They rather see it destroyed instead or being owned by a vampire."

I was about to ask them, as of why they don't like it. He seems to have noticed it and continued, "They find it preposterous for a vampire to have a job. They rather wanted me to go back to my old self, scaring humans and drinking their blood."

"Is that all?"

He shook his head, "No, Baron has another reason to hold a grudge against me."

I watched him, closed the draws and lied down on the couch, "We used to be friends, Baron and me. It all changes as we began to grow up. While he went out into the world to cause terror and be a new member of the council and I..." Drac's lips formed to a large smile, "... I met the woman of my life." I smiled with him, sitting beside him. Drac eyes sparkled with joy at the memory,"Martha was the one that change me to the better. She is also the reason as of why I build the hotel. It was a future goal we have decided together, not only for us but also for our Daughter's safety. Now they want me to destroy my entire being, put my daughter at risk, disappointing my wife and go back to my old self."

"Do you want that?"

It was a stupid question, but I meant it. I expected a mean comment or a stupid answer, but I received none of that. I seem to have hit a spot in his heart. His smile fell and his entire face turned sad. Drac tried to hold back the tears, "...no. I want to be here, be what I am now." "Can't you tell him what you want?" "They decide for all vampires of what is best for them, no exceptions." I stared at the letters on the floor, "They gave you a lot of warnings, not only the council alone, but also your friend."

"He is no friend...not anymore."

"I don't understand."

"We...we had a fight. After that, it never had been the same."

I placed my hand on top of his, while my face lets him know that he doesn't have to tell me what happened. The count however, wants this, "I think you should know what happened. I trust you N/A." Drac got an album out and showed me the first page.On it were drawings of two boys standing at the vampire camp. "A vampire girl I known was good at drawing; she made these sketches for me and all the children at the camp." The next drawing was from him in a Pj, "We were in the same team, the bat class. That is the day I met the Baron..."

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