You and him do a duet

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Leondre- Leondre knew you could sing as you always did when you were in the shower, and oviously he could rap so you both decided to to do a duet. The song you picked was 'Cant hold us -Macklemore' since it had rapping and singing in. Leondre started..

'Return to the mack..' As he carried on singing all you could do was focus on his eyes. You loved the way they sparkled in the sun. Then it came up to your turn..

'Here we go back, this is the moment..' You carried on. Once the song was finished you were both speechless at how well you both sang that duet. "Were amazing" Leondre giggled. After that you just sang different songs for the rest of the night. It was perfect.

Charlie- "I see you driving round round with the girl i love and im like.." "Forget youuuu" Charlie sang back. You were suprized because you always loved singing but thought you were never good at it. You carried on singing with him. Not caring if you were rubbish because this was a moment you would cherish forever. Once you both finish Charlie spoke.

"You have an amazing voice y/n, you should sing more often" he said smiling at you.

"Thanks but im rubbish compared to you" you said.

"Are you kidding your amazing" he told you. All you could do was blush. He always knew what to say.

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