【10. ᴀᴅᴠɪᴄᴇ & ᴍɪssɪᴏɴ ʀᴇᴘᴏʀᴛ】

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❆ 2013 ❆

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Freya was currently on a mission to get some files from HYDRA, she walked down the halls and was surprised that no one had jumped out and attacked her yet. Well, that was quickly forgotten when Bucky aka the Winter Soldier jumped out "Sargent Barnes." Freya greeted but the soldier just went to attack her, Freya started fighting him by using her powers alot, she managed to wrap her legs around his neck allowing her to sit up and started elbowing his head trying to knock Bucky out. She then got slammed onto the table and Bucky grabbed her neck with his metal hand, he started to choke her "Bucky." Freya choked out trying to breath she reached up and started to freeze his metal arm, the ice and frost then travelled up his arm and onto his skin, it started to go around his neck and up his face making Bucky let go and stumble back. Freya got up and looked at him holding onto his neck, some sores had started bleeding Freya knew that her ice had caused frostbite on Bucky's neck, he looked at her "what happened to Howard and Maria Stark?" Freya asked but Bucky didn't answer, she sighed because she knew it was a mission of Bucky's "mission report...December 16th...1991." Bucky stood up and Freya started following him.

Freya was led into a huge room and saw some sort of old school computer, she walked over it and Bucky pressed a button. Freya watched as the footage of Howard's car crash started playing, she felt her heartbreaking over what she was seeing her gaze trailed back to Bucky "why did you kill him? There was a time where he was your friend! You were friends, Bucky!" She yelled, Bucky looked at her "they made me do it." Freya looked behind her and saw Strucker with HYDRA agents "I hate HYDRA." Freya started fighting them all while Strucker just watched, Freya grabbed her gun and shot a couple of agents before she grabbed the case of files that she needed and started running. Freya got out of the building and jumped up grabbing onto the side, Natasha pulled Freya up and they flew off "get me back to S.H.I.E.L.D. now." They got back to the helicarrier and Freya heard talking, she looked to see Fury talking with Thor and Loki. She immediately hid behind a door as the two gods walked past Natasha, the two woman then walked into the room "Loki's on the Avengers now, you're gonna have to face him soon, Freya." Nick said as Freya handed him the case "I'll face him when I want to." Freya then walked off.


Freya was at the hospital and was currently sitting next to Peggy's bed "what's troubling you?" Peggy asked as she noticed Freya wasn't her usual self, Freya looked up at Peggy "Loki's alive, but he's been told I'm dead. And I'm scared to face him." Peggy placed her hand on Freya's "why are you scared?" Freya sniffed and looked away "because I'm scared he'll think I'm still the fragile princess he once married, and I'm scared he'll hate me because I don't know if I still love him as much as I once did. I'm also scared he'll try and be protective of me when I don't want him to be, he doesn't own me and even though we're bound through marriage I don't want him to use that as an excuse to control me." Freya looked back at Peggy "and I'm scared to tell him about Axelia and Howard and Carol...I'm scared of hurting him because of what he did last year in New York." Peggy held her arms out and Freya leaned forward hugging Peggy, the older woman wrapped her arms around Freya befotr they ended it "Freya, listen to me now." Freya looked at Peggy "you are the strongest woman I know, you have been through so much pain that no can compare it to anything." Freya nodded.

"And you're the most fearless and toughest fighter I have ever seen, and do you know that when we lost Howard it was you that kept me going. You arrived a year after I lost Steve and you kept me going because I was still in pain, and I admired how you managed to get through your pain. You are strong enough to love and lose everything you know. You are strong enough to stand by and watch your friends both age and die. You are so much stronger than any god, goddess, king, queen or fighter out there. So you're strong enough to face the man who once held your heart." Peggy said making Freya smile at her friend, she held Peggy's frail hand in hers "and it's friends like you, that give the best advice in the whole goddamn world." Peggy smiled at Freya before Freya kissed Peggy's head and then left leaving Peggy to get some rest.

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