Chapter 26

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Ayesha's POV

What a beautiful morning is it today!!!
Nature.. I just love when I am surrounded by it.

I have read somewhere:

"Allow nature's peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. "

Currently, I am in a park waiting for the most important person in my life. My honey !!

I smiled looking at the two pups who were fighting with one another in front of me.

So adorable!!

Suddenly, someone came from back and blindfolded me from behind. Who is it??

" Let's play a game..." Said a voice.

Honey !! It's my honey.. I can recognise my honey's voice anywhere and anytime..

" You are blindfolded and you have to catch me.. ", said my honey going away from me.

" And what will I get for playing with you?? " I asked thinking about the possibilities.

" Anything, that you want. " My honey said and I could feel my honey going away from me.

Time for game.. Then let it be. I will find my honey no matter what !!

I started moving around moving my arms here and there to find my honey.

" I will get you no matter what !! " I yelled.

But then I got no reply. What's wrong??

Suddenly, I heard a loud screeching sound and then some heavy thing landed up on my feet. I could feel that it was heavy because of the impact of the collision that I could feel.

I opened the blindfold immediately. Honey !! It was my honey!! 

My honey was lieing there in front of me covered in a pool of blood. Oh god !! My honey's face was totally damaged.

No one could figure out that it was my honey. I bent down and tried my best to wake my honey up. 

But of no use... 

I kept my head on my honey's chest to check if my honey was breathing or not. My entire world stopped when I felt that my honey was not breathing any longer.

I immediately removed my head from my honey's chest. Just then only my honey's eyes opened.

I woke up with a jerk and fell from the bed. I was breathing heavily...

Again a nightmare!!

I moved my head on the the right to see Annie and Vani sleeping peacefully on the bed. Thank god!! 
They didn't wake up..

I stood up and went out to the verandah. From the verandah I went out to the garden. I sat on one of those chairs which maintained the glory of our garden.

I sat on it and gazed upon the stars.

I miss you honey... If you are watching me then please forgive me !!


Ayesha's POV

I felt someone hitting my legs. Who the hell is this person ??

I opened my eyes to see Vani smiling at me devilishly. Ahh... I woke up with a groan and rubbed my eyes.

Err.. I slept here last night on this chair... This chair is a good companion of mine in times of distress.

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