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The eldest paced around the complex as he threw his phone across the room as it fell with a loud thud onto the couch, the screen obviously cracked. This only fueled his anger as he continued until the sound of a bellechoed through the marble floors, the familiar sound of heels clacking on the ground getting louder and louder.

"Jin-hyung, hey you good over there? I heard something on the stairwell"

He paused his thought process and looked over to the shorter with a cold yet confused glance, raising a brow. It was unusual for yoongi to ever put emotion in any of his words, unless he was serious which was rare.

"Why are you looking at me like that, stop it"

"Maybe it's because you're giving me that tone I don't appreciate, yoongi"

"Oh shut it I'm doing you a favor so calm the fuck down"

He rolled his eyes as he walked over, patting Jin's broad shoulders and keeping him in a death grip under his glare.

"Stop acting childish, focus"

Yoongi stated monotonously as he threw a couple of files and sheets across the glass top. The sound caught the brunettes ear, turning around and taking a glance at them, a familiar face caught his attention, narrowing his eyes at the documents, before looking back up to his friend with a hint of possessiveness in his eyes.

"It's about your precious 'joonie bug', he's as innocent as he seems"

Jim cringed ass he looked at yoongi with a creeped out face.

"We just met the kid and you already know his life story, creep"

He deadpanned as yoongi gawked at him as if he grew two heads.

"And who do you think told me to do this??"

"Liar you pulled that out of your ass"

Yoongi grumbled as he walked out the room, but the sides before turning around, facing him.

"You're gonna go see him tommorrow right? At the cafe, we're coming with you"

"WHAT! No you're not going anywhere with me"

"Yes we are, all 4 of us, wether you like it or not."

He spoke lowly as he walked out of the complex and onto the elevator, speaking before the metal doors fully close.

"And if I catch you stress baking hours before we're suppose to leave god so help me Jin I will fight you"

"That's hyung to you, brat"

"Grow up, brat"

He replied mockingly, shaking his head as sticking his tongue and rolled his eyes, checking his watch and making his way down.

Jin huffed he looked down past the glass window, staring down at the little people of the city of Seoul, smiling softly as he spoke to himself,

"I wonder how he'll act when he sees me, he's probably die from how handsome I am"

He snickered as he continued to pace around his complex, mid thought on the different ways he could greet the boy.

I un-died and I'm back

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