Welcome party

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I went to Kiryuu to her house.When her mother noticed me, she almost fainted, but fortunately I caught her. When I told her that I had come to Kiryuu, she looked surprised. However, after a moment Kiryuu came to see what was happening.

I told her that we had to meet with someone and we quickly left her house.

Kiryuu: Where are we going?

F/N: To school.

Kiryuu tormented me with questions "for what" and "why", and I just said that "calmly, you'll find out soon." When we reached the old school building, we noticed lights in the club room.

Kiryuu: This is not the place of your club?

F/N: Yep,and I see that everyone is already inside.

We entered the building and Kiryuu caught my arm firmly. When I opened the door, I saw that all team in the room was in the room, and Irina.Koneko, Asia, Xenovia, Irina and Kiba were sitting on the sofa. Rias was sitting at her desk, Issei and Akeno were standing next to her. Eugene sat on the floor, leaning on the couch and playing on the laptop. Everyone looked at me and Kiryuu.

Asia: Hi Kiryuu, what are you doing here?

Issei: What is she doing here?! Why did you bring her here?!

Issei shouted. Well, he doesn't like her.

Rias: Calm down Issei. From today, she will be a member of our club.

Issei: What?! Why?!

Then Issei's legs were stucked by green glass or crystal, he couldn't move.

Kiryuu: Don't try to shout at me anymore!

Kiryuu said with a devilish smile, and the crystal that immobilized Issei, broke into tiny pieces.

Xenovia: You also have powers?!

Asia: Incredible...

Azazel: Yes, thanks to her, we will be able to resist the rebels much more effectively.

Me and Kiryuu jumped when we heard Azazel's voice behind us.

F/N: I told you, don't do that!

Kiryuu: What rebels?

F/N: We need to explain something to you...

For the next hour, Rias and Azazel told Kiryuu about the three factions, the great war between them and the current political situation of that world. At the time, I joined Eugene playing HoMM.

Kiryuu: So you all...

Rias: We are devils, Irina is angel, Azazel-sensei is fallen angel.

Kiryuu: What about you and Eugene, F/N?

F/N: We are normal. Well... As if...

Me and Eugene started to "flicker", like a television which loses signal.

Me and Eugene started to "flicker", like a television which loses signal

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