Chapter FortyFour- Rise And Shine Cupcake

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Chapter FortyFour- Rise And Shine Cupcake

July 29th: Waxing Gibbous

    "What the hell happened to your cheek!" Andy exclaimed when he saw me in the morning. 

    Last night I'd managed to patch up the wound pretty well and I healed fast, but there was still enough of the cut left for people to wonder what I'd gotten myself into. To be honest I couldn't blame them for the worry. It'd been more gruesome than I thought when I cleaned it last night. I hadn't really looked in the mirror this morning either so I wasn't sure how well it was looking. 

    So, judging by Andy's reaction, it wasn't looking as good as I hoped it was. In fact Andy was scrunching up his eyes and scooting foward in order to get a better look. I tried shushing him away, but he just kept coming foward. That guy was never one to take a hint. 

    He touched it lightly, causing me to flinch. Andy's eyes widened as he looked back at me, obviously having discovered what the cut was from. I could tell just from looking at him that he was confused and I couldn't blame him. These people were supposed to be helping us but instead they'd scratched up my face. 

    "Did York do it?" 

    I smirked, looking outside to see York fussing something to one of his pack members. "Well indirectly yes. He has someone else do this to me, but that doesn't matter. I'm fine and he was just making a simple point."

    Across the table Joseph looked up from his food, having caught our conversation. His eyes scanned over my cheek before he shook his head in annoyance. 

    "It looks pretty messed up, man. I don't think you should just let this matter go. He had someone scratch up your face so there should be some kind of punishment even if he is an alpha or whatever." Joseph continued to eat his food, raising his eyebrows at me when York stepped into the room. The other guy was no longer with him. 

    None of his pack members were around since they were off making preperations for those of us who were bound by the moon. The full moon was drawing close and we had no where to go. Once York realized this he began bustling around, getting everything ready for that night. I was thankful for that, but in a way I felt bad that his pack didn't get to eat anything yet. That seemed a little unfair. 

    York took the seat next to me which raised even more eyebrows. Andy and Joseph obviously weren't happy with him while Courtney could have cared less. Then there was Haden who was deep in though, grunting anytime someone asked him a question. Whatever he was thinking about I wouldn't know. 

    "That looks rough," York commented, buttering a piece of toast as he glanced at my cut. 

    I squinted my eyes, trying to guage what he was trying to do. "Yeah, I hadn't had much time to react to an attack. It's no big deal though. I can handle myself well."

    York snorted, taking a big bite of toast. Andy and Joseph were now gawking at us, trying to hold there breath in order not to say anything. I'm sure that was challenging for them though because you could see on their faces that they really wanted to tell York off. They knew that's not what I wanted though so they kept quiet. 

    We ate the rest of our breakfast in silence and exchanged a few hellos to the people that walked in and out of the house. All we got though were cold glares which really made me feel unwelcome. When Amanda had said they'd be able to help us and explain things I was thinking they'd be friendly people, but as time goes on I'm starting to realize they're harboring some kind of grudge against us. Then there's Haden who seems depressed anytime someone looks at him. 

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