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LaMelo Ball
What did you mean "I only know his as Melo or Mel! Y'all know him as LaMelo"?

So you see what happened was I don't know how to explain it

LaMelo Ball
Talk I will put the words together
It ain't that hard

When we had each other we had everything. If you haven't noticed people want you money stupid or they want a piece of that fame. I mean look at Izzy her ass crazy. I know you as Melo a NORMAL sixteen-year-old boy they want LaMelo Ball the superstar basketball player who has millions of followers and dollars. Also, tell ashy to stop posting that ring and location before she gets beat up or robbed!

LaMelo Ball
You don't know what you're talking about!

People write songs about boys like you
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Jayyy💍People write songs about boys like you Seen at 6:23pm@JayRosee

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