Chapter 7: "If you feel you're going to crash, then accelerate more, you idiot."

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Chapter Seven: "If you feel you're going to crash, then accelerate more, you idiot."

Word count- 1799

(I will try to update a little more often with longer chapters, as of right now I am working on two stories, and I'm thinking of working on two more, but if you want to, you can check out the other book which is called Compromised-Taekook which you should also read if you are into BTS. I will take ideas for this book.  I'm new to writing, this is the first book I have made and effort on, so I know that it's still a little bit jagged, but hopefully I can smooth the edge in the near future!)

*Colby's POV*

I look around and everyone is smiling, and some people are even gleaming, "Ew, this is to much positivity," I say, and everyone burst out laughing.

Elton leaves to get his vlogging camera, he said that it was because he wanted to film a prank on some of the roommates. "So, what's your policy with the hospital stuff?" He asks.

"Although I know that it's wrong, I honestly don't want any of the fans to know about it." I say looking around seeing how nothing has changed over the past few weeks.

"We can respect that, right you guys?" Elton asked, and everyone nodded their head.

I know I walk with a limp now, but it's not that bad, the doctors say that it will be permanent, but I'll find a way around it. It's not that obvious of a limb, but you can still see it.

"Colby, I know that this isn't the right time, but the Sam and Colby channel is out of pre- Recorded videos, and Sunday is only a few day's away," Sam said looking at me.

"Alright let's go upstairs, and we can work things out," I said, "Can you help me with my bag?"

Sam grabbed my bag and glared at me soon to burst out into giggles. We walked up the stairs leaving everyone else to do whatever they were doing previously. Sam opened my door and sat on my couch after throwing my bag on the bed.

"So, what's the plan?" I ask

"I've been looking for a few places, and there are two in Nevada," He said looking at his phone," We can do two videos, and have one extra, this is what the website says, 'With lots of strange happenings being reported, this might be the most active haunted place in the Reno area. The haunting began in the 1970s when the bodies of a woman and three men were discovered here. The murders have never been solved. At the time, Robb canyon was a rural area in northwest Reno, but it has since become surrounded by suburban development and is on the edge of the city's Rainbow Ridge Park. Reports of various strange noises and lights have led many paranormal investigators to study the area, but none have yet solved the mystery.

It's said to be a very scary place where you should never go alone, and certainly not after dark. Should you want to check it out, access trails to Robb Canyon can be found along Rainbow Ridge Road, near Rainbow Ridge Park'"

"Sounds fun," I said. To be honest I'm tired, but we would have to leave tonight for the Nine-hour drive to Nevada.

"Okay, let's leave tonight so we can get there early, sleep during the day, and film at night," He said in his 'spooky voice' "I'll drive first,"

"Oh, yeah, well about that you see I am still on my meds, so I don't think I can drive," I said trying to get out of driving.

"Nice try," Sam said laughing, "Let's leave at 11, try to get some rest before we go,"

"Okay," I say following Sam out of the room.

It's nice to have time to relax, and chill, although the doctors told me to take it easy, I think I'll be fine a little bit of walking won't hurt. It's a thrilling adventure to go on, you and your best friend escaping the world for one night, to talk, and drive to leave the complex world behind you. For the rest of the night I either hang out downstairs, or sleep. Soon enough it's time for me to depart from the home I only spent a few hours in. Sam and I wave goodbye before we set to our journey, and Elton being Elton gives us a princess wave. Oddly enough for most of the drive we sat in silence, most of the time we have weird conversations, about fanfictions, or conspiracy theories. I put my headphones in and began searching for a playlist, yet again debating what I should listen to, I scrolled past Blackpink, and The Rose to come to BTS. I have loved BTS since their debut date of June 13, 2013. That was also the day I fell into the bottomless pit of K-pop when I was 16. Immediately Butterfly came on I would say that it was my favorite song of theirs, but I would be lying, to be honest I can't choose a favorite.

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