A Shelter for Love

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Luciana Jacinto Flores lives with her family: her presumed mother, her presumed father  and her brother in a village called San Francisco el Alto. Her father is indebted to Don Aquiles because his crops are not as good as in the preceding years. Don Aquiles wants to get married to Luciana. He orders his employee to set Galdino's crops on fire. When seeing his crops on fire, Galdino has a heart attack an dies.

At the same time, Rodrigo Torreslanda and his brother Patricio climb a mountain. Patricio falls down the mountain. At the hospital, his family is informed that he is paralyzed.

Maximino Torreslanda is director of an aviation company called Corporativo TorresLanda. He is married to Rosalena but he also has a mistress.

Luciana gets job as a servant in the Torreslanda mansion. Rodrigo dates Gala and they get engaged. Both Rodrigo and Patricio fall in love with Luciana. Luciana falls in love with Rodrigo.

Lawyer Claudio Linares helps Luciana in a legal problem. In the past, Aurora, Rosalena, Maximo and him were friends. Rosalena betrayed Aurora because of Maximo. Aurora died while giving birth to Luciana. Rosalena gave her away to her gardeners and told Claudio that the baby died with her mother. Claudio was framed by Maximo for a fraud that he did not commit and spent 20 years in prison.

Rodrigo dumps Gala in front of the altar to marry Luciana. After a while he gets married to Luciana in San Francisco el Alto.

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