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The sound of things being hit here and there could be heard from the room with 4 corner upstairs, making the older girl wondering what happened upstairs. She put aside her frying pan in making bacon with fried egg producing a clank sound because of the contact between the frying pan with the stove. She wiped her palms on her aprons and went to the stairs screaming her lungs out to her daughter upstairs.

"Mina-ya! What happened there?!"

A few seconds of another things being threw to God only knows where, she replied, "I'm late! We have test this morning!" she appeared from her door and ran downstairs with her socks on her hands and rushing to her mother asking for a quick breakfast.

Her mother pointed at the bread on the counter and Mina dashed to it immediately grabbing 2 pieces of it. "Without jam?" her mother asked bewildered.

She bites the bread and held it with her lips while shaking her head, "I'm going!" she rushed to the front door using her shoes quickly jumping slightly because of the panick. Her mother came from behind and opened her ransel bag, "Here, go get some food in school."

Mina nodded her head smiling and waved her hand opening the doors and ran quickly. After her fast run, she finally reached her class and sighed when she saw the watch on her wrist that she still has 15 minutes left before the class started. The class was almost filled up already. She rubbed her chest multiple time while trying to maintain her breath.

"Why are you panicking?" her seatmate asked while sitting on her seat relaxly twirling her pen on her fingers.

"I need to review the lesson." she said panting and eventually put her bag and had a sit.

"You're smart already. No need to do that, don't you?" her seatmate said poking her waist and smiling goofily.

Mina shook her head giggling, "I couldn't study about anything."

Her seatmate raised both her eyebrows for seconds then relaxing it while making a reaction showing that she understood what Mina's mean. "How is that small girl doing?"

"She has fractured ribs. But other than that, nothing special. She's okay." Mina explained while getting out her books from her bag to the desk.

Her seatmate leaned on her palm with her elbow becoming the support and started humming, "She's so sweet. Sacrificing herself for her girlfriend."


It made Mina turned her head quickly making it seems like it could broke her neck later, "Girlfriend?"

Her seatmate turned her head to Mina, "The girl who fell down. It's her girlfriend, right? If not, why she's willing to do that?"

Mina hung her mouth opened slightly thinking for a while, "You're right." then she nodded her head proceeding to her study again. Trying to focus but she can't.

Girlfriend? Is she Chaeyoung's girlfriend?

Those thoughts were lingering on her head for minutes that she started to shook her head multiple times. She took a deep breath hold it for 2 seconds and exhaled it loudly. She made a fist and tried to re-focus on her books.

If Dahyun is her girlfriend, why did she treat me like that? So mean. Is she betting on me? Oh no, Mina. Don't think negatively. It's still not yet a fact that she has girlfriend. Yeah.

Mina slapped her cheek and groaned, "Ah.." her seatmate widened her eyes and took Mina's graceful face facing her, "Hey. What the hell are you doing?!" she looked at Mina's now red cheek. "It must be painful. Aigoo, what are you thinking, seriously!?" she started to nag but put a bottle of mineral water atleast to cooled it down a little bit. While Mina just staring blankly to the air thinking.

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