The Argument

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After we left the apartment, we went straight to get Percy a phone, no matter how many times he complained that he didn't need one. I felt so much better after we got it and I programed my number into it. Nothing like today will ever happen again.

When Percy and I got back home, it was dark out. "Want to watch a movie?" I ask him.

"Sure, what movie?"

"You pick."

"Okay." He states simply.

"You set the movie up while I fix the popcorn and get some candy."

A couple of minutes later, the microwave was beeping, saying that the popcorn was done. I put the popcorn in a huge bowl, grabbed two cokes, and the big bag of peanut M&Ms. "Finding Nemo?" I chuckle.

"Hey! It's a great movie! Why do you own this movie anyway?" Percy says suspiciously.

"Because I had to watch Nico and Thalia a long time ago, and Thalia brought it over to watch it." I reply.

"Mhmm." Percy hums, clearly not believing me, and I roll my eyes.

We both hop on the couch and get settled. We're half way through the movie and I still can't get my mind off Sally marrying that douche. Especially since he was abusive. My hands clench at my sides. I push my anger down with a deep sigh. It makes no sense. Why would she do that to Percy. Put him through that.

I heard Percy's voice break through my thoughts. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I asked if you wan to change the movie. You don't seem to interested in it." Percy's bright green eyes were looking straight into mine.

"No, it's okay. I was just thinking." I said, turning my eyes to the TV screen.

"About what?" Percy asked me, his interest intrigued.

"Nothing." I say with a small smile.

"You can tell me. I'm good at keeping secrets."

"Nah, I don't think you can answer this question." I say.

"Oh." There was a small pause. "Is this about Gabe?" Percy's and my eyes met again. I didn't even have time to answer before Percy spoke up again. "What about him?"


"I can take it, dad. I'm not some little kid." Percy states, and I sigh. Percy doesn't get it. He shouldn't have to take it. He shouldn't have been dealing with this to begin with.

"Percy." I pause. "Listen, we don't need to discuss this. The questions I have about Gabe are not for you."

"Are they for my mom?" Percy asked and his eyes narrow.


"What are they?"

"Nothing you have to worry about."

"If they are about me than they do!" Percy yelled, getting defensive. "What questions are there for my mom."

"I was just wondering why she married that guy. Why she put up with him. Why she made you put up with him. Why she didn't get rid of him when he hurt you!" I said, not really containing the anger in my voice.

Percy's face turned hard, and his eyes glared daggers at me. "Don't say that. Don't you think bad things about my mom! She was the best mom anyone could ask for!"

"She would've done better if you two didn't have to deal with that idiot!"

Percy jumped off the couch and I followed him. "What was she supposed to do!?" He yelled. "She had no money! She needed food for the table. She needed to take care of me too! Not just her!"

"She could've called me to help! I would've helped!"

"How was she supposed to know that?! You left!"

"No!" I yell and if I payed attention enough, I might would've caught Percy flinch a little. "You can't turn this around on me! She never told me she was pregnant! I had no clue!"

"Well, you still didn't call to check up on her again, now did you?!"

"I had a right to know she was pregnant with my son! She shouldn't of kept that from me!" I yelled back. We stood there for a long time. Just staring at each other. Then, it happened.

"I hate you." It was soft and calm, but still so much anger behind it. My eyes widened in shock and hurt. Then, Percy was racing up the stares. I plopped down on the couch. My face falls in my hands. I'm a failure. Worst father in the world. Percy didn't deserve me as a father. He deserves so much more. Crap, what do I do now? I just want to be there for him. I care about him, more than anything and anyone. I hit my hand on the popcorn bowl to knock it on the ground. I grabbed a pillow and put it over my to groan in it.

Then, I hear the phone ring. "Now what?" I complain.

I pick up the phone. "What?" I say into the phone.

"That's no way to speak to your favorite sister, Poseidon." Hestia's voice comes through the phone.

"I don't have time for this, Hestia."

"Well, someone's grumpy. Look, I called because I wanted to say I was sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you, and I really am truly sorry. On the good news, Thalia and Nico really did get along with Percy. They loved him."

I smiled, despite myself. I could tell Percy did like hanging out with them when I would send glances at him every now and then. "They did?"

"They did. They kept begging Zeus and Hades for all of them to hang out soon. I also wanted to say-" Hestia started talking really fast where I couldn't understand her.

"What? Hestia, slow down. Repeat that again."

I hear Hestia sigh, "Zeus and Hades are going over there tomorrow morning to check up on you."

I felt my anger boil. I was about to say something when a loud crash filled the air. My heart dropped. "Percy!" I yell and drop the phone and start running up the stairs, ignoring Hestia's voice over the phone.

I take two steps at a time and burst into Percy's bedroom. "Percy?" I say softly as I see his dresser knocked over, while Percy is sitting on the floor on his knees, breathing hard. I walk slowly towards him and crouch down on the floor besides him. I lay my hand on his shoulder and he flinches. "Hey, it's okay." I say softly. That is when I noticed that he was sobbing. Tears streaming down his face. "Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong?"

"I-I-I" Percy tried to say, but couldn't.

"Hey, calm down. It's okay. Just take a big breath and breathe. You're alright." I say and Percy shakes his head. My eyebrows pinch together. "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry. Don't send me pack to the orphanage. Please."

My eyes widen. "Hey, look at me. Percy, look at me." Hesitantly, his eyes meets mine. "I'm not going to send you back to the orphanage. Never! Okay?" Percy nods his head. "You also got nothing to be sorry about, got it?" Percy nods his head again. "C'mere." I say and I wrap my arms around him and pull him to my chest in a tight hug. It takes a moment, but then he relaxes into my hold and hugs me back.

"I didn't mean it." Percy mumbles into my chest.

"Hmm?" I asked confused.

"I didn't mean it." Percy repeats.

"Didn't mean what?"

"I didn't mean what I said. When I said th-that I," A pause. "I hated you."

"I know. It's okay." I say and put my nose in his hair and take a deep breath. "I know."

We stay like that far a while. A really long while. I was pretty sure Percy was asleep when I kissed the top of Percy's head, and then laid my head back to say "I love you." I was almost asleep myself when I heard Percy's say those three simply words back, but right then, they weren't simple words. Right then, they meant everything.

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