This can't be over

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You maybe asking this question why did I do that I knew the shit he done to me wouldn't go away so I told him
You:Payton listen I love you but the shit you done to me isn't going to go away
Payton: I know I understand but please try to forgive me
You:I am sorry tell Kate I loved her
I ran upstairs and smashed our mirror and took the glass and cut myself until I was streaming with blood
Payton's p.o.v
I ran after her but she locked herself in the room I smashed it open but it was too late she was on the floor bleeding what did I do for her to do this again I had enough she kept hurting me but I understood why I kept hurting her too she didn't want to carry on but I called the ambulance and they rushed her to the hospital they told me that I should not come and go home and that they will call me I went to faith's house explained what happened to her and stayed with Kate
Kate:what happened where is mommy
Payton:in the hospital
I couldn't hide the truth anymore plus I think she needs to know
Kate:why is she there
Payton:because I hurt mommies feelings and she had to go there
Faith:Payton what did you do
Payton:listen Kate go pack your stuff we are going home
Faith:what is going on Payton
Payton:please leave me alone I need sometime alone
Faith:ok but remember I am always there for you
Payton :thank you
I drove us home and it was already late Kate went to sleep and I got a call from the hospital that she is fine and awake and that the doctor will drive her home with special things
Payton:thank you so much doctor
Doctor:no problem
You:hi Payton
Payton hugged me like there wasn't anyone near us and kneeled down on his knees and
Payton:please forgive me for doing a the shit I done I love you and I don't want to lose you Kate loves you faith Olivia and I the most please don't ever leave me again
You cried in his arms and couldn't think of anything to say but
You:I Promis I love you

So so sorry but I think this story it coming to an end but I might update if this get's a lot of readers so please read and don't be sad because I will make another book about Payton and stuff but a little different so don't worry please read my other stories love yall 💜💜

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