Suppressed Feelings (Viggo X Reader)

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Since it's never revealed how old Viggo is, we're gonna say he's 26 here, and you can decide what age you want to be.


(D/n) - dragon name
(d/s) - dragon species

Rtte S5

"And you're certain that no one followed you?" Viggo questioned you as you entered his tent.

You rolled your eyes and spoke back, "nobody has the slightest idea that I'm the one giving you information. In fact, no one even knows there is someone giving you information, so yes, I'm certain."

Finally, Viggo relaxed his gaze, "I must say, you're quite the business partner. Someone as slippery as you could get away with anything, I'd assume."

The smirk on his face implied that he was about to ask you for an incredibly dangerous favor. Your own grin began to show as you spoke, "what is it this time? Another chest of gold? Slitherwing poison? You know I've got you."

"Yes, I do," Viggo chuckled lightly, "unlike many who've tried, you've gained my trust completely without even lifting a finger."

"Well, like you said before, we're a lot alike," you told him, recalling the last conversation you had with Viggo.

Viggo sighed, "indeed." He then came out from behind his desk and approached you with a serious look, "but this mission, I assure you, is much different."

You grew nervous as the man got closer to you, until your bodies were only a foot apart. You knew you liked him; Viggo was ambitious, confident, smart, and charming. But you also were exceptional at keeping those feelings hidden. "How different?" You asked suspiciously.

"I need you to take me to the dragon riders' island," he said, to your surprise, "there's something in that volcano of theirs, that I need back."

Your eyes were wide and a wild grin was on your face, "volcano diving? That's a new one."

"Oh, my dear, don't get your hopes up," Viggo warned, "I'll be the one going in to retrieve it."

"What?" You shouted a bit louder than intended. Then, you felt emotions begin to bubble up inside of you; anger, betrayal, scepticism, fear. But you forced them away with all of your strength, and accepted what Viggo had proposed.

• • •

You flew your dragon, (D/n), all the way to the volcano's mouth, Viggo sitting behind you. Once there, you reluctantly kept watch while Viggo flew your (d/s) down into the volcano. After long, the three were reunited. You were relieved that neither Viggo nor your dragon were hurt, but still you remained silent.

Climbing onto (D/n) with Viggo behind you once again, you kept this silence. About half-way through the flight back to Viggo's base, you heard him sigh, "alright, let's hear it. You're never quiet for this long without a reason."

You spoke casually, "I just think it's a bit suspicious that for this one thing, you wouldn't let me help. Didn't you just say earlier that you trust me completely?"

Viggo hesitated, which caught you off guard. "Dear (Y/n), my decision today didn't have anything to do with trust," Viggo assured you.

But you weren't going to let him off without an explanation. "Then what?" You demanded.

"Let me simply say," he hesitated yet again, "that I value you too much to send you into an active volcano."

You rolled your eyes and thought to yourself, yeah, because without me you, wouldn't be as powerful as you are. But to your surprise, as if he'd read your thought, Viggo went on, "and not just because you've helped immensely in getting me to where I stand today."

Even though he couldn't see your face, Viggo saw you go ridged, and he knew he'd spoken correctly. With a slight chuckle, he went on, "it would seem that, as much as we trust each other, we both still find ourselves incapable of opening up."

You glanced back at him for a moment and asked with an amused smile, "you, want to 'open up'?"

The base was in view when Viggo answered in a remarkably sincere tone, "indeed, I do."

At this, you suddenly began to feel lightheaded. You abruptly landed (D/n) on a nearby sea stack and hurriedly hopped off. You paced to the far edge and took a deep breath, hands on your hips as you head settled. Confidence came easily to you, it always had. But for some reason, when it came to opening up your heart, you were more nervous than ever.

Viggo climbed down from the dragon as well and walked over to you, his hands clasped behind his back. "I didn't want you to participate in this mission, (Y/n), because I've come to care for you," Viggo admitted; he made it sound so easy.

The pace of your heartbeat picked up when he stood beside you and placed a hand in the center of your back. Looking down at you, he chuckled, "I don't believe I've ever seen you so flustered before."

You huffed and responded, "I'm not flustered." But the red on your cheeks gave you away.

"It's alright," Viggo told her in a somewhat teasing voice, "I'm honored to have such an effect on you."

Suddenly, you felt something touch your face; Viggo's free hand was turning your chin to meet his eyes. And before you knew what was happening, the handsome man leaned down and crashed his lips against yours. The hand that held your back pressed your into his body, causing you to just about melt.

When he pulled away, you were left staring into his eyes breathlessly. Viggo stroked your cheek lightly with his thumb and smiled. "I didn't think it could ever happen," he began softly, "but I cannot deny myself any longer; I've fallen in love."

You couldn't contain your joy as a wild smile spread across you face. You tiptoed to meet his lips once again, your hands holding his strong shoulders. And Viggo gladly accepted you.

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