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Alexander POV
Alex woke up at 9:00 am and heard his phone ringing giving the signal that it was a notification.

Alex sighed he was used to that after all he was a youtuber with 42 millions of subscribers now, he hoped one day he would get to 50 millions, god how good that would be.

he opened his iphone XS, yeah you could tell he was rich but it was not always like this, Alex had a very dark past, he didn't really liked to talk about it with anyone, but the point is Alex knew what was to be poor, his life wasn't always perfect like it is right now, even though people thought it was it wasn't.

he opened his phone to see lots of notifications, god there was a time that he couldn't even sleep because his phone was always ringing,   

he opened WhatsApp first to see what messages he had, he had lots of them like always, some from friends, some from family, and even some from fans that got his number he didn't know how the hell they got his number but they did,

he saw a message from his friend John Laurens John was a youtuber too but he had a little less subscribers than Alex had, John had 29 millions of subscribers, and Alex was so happy for him he was almost on 30 millions,

sure he and John had something in high school but it soon ended when they understood they weren't meant for each other,

John was bi, Alex thought he was bi too but he started loosing interest in boys so he was straight now.

Alex didn't had a love life and honestly he didn't care about that he was fine like he was, Alex didn't need anyone , he had friends, he had family what else could he ask for? The point is Alex didn't need a girl to make him feel better about himself, he was fine.

Alex clicked on John's message, he sent him his last video, typical, but then he read the next mensage it said 'you should do this', he saw the video, john was announcing a paint contest

"okay so guys the awards are third place 100 dollars, second place a game for PlayStation, Wii, anything you want if it's less then 200 dollars, first place 3 gift cards for Netflix, spotify, anything you want, guys I know it's not much but it's my first contest so-"

Alex closed the video, he started having ideas maybe he should do a contest, he didn't know what about, a edit contest?, a talent contest?, oh he knew he was going to do a singing contest now he gotta do the awards,

third place maybe 100 dollars just like John, second place a microphone, because it was a singing contest, first place Alex thought for a while then he decided what was going to be the first place it was get to know him,

sure it was a little risked but Alex wanted to try it, and he wanted to get to know his fans it would be great,

Alex was excited to do this he knew this was going to be good right...?
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Okay so I hope you liked, it took me a while to write this but yeah its fine-clamijo

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