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hyejin and naeun sat down next to me, and we watched tv together.
but just when i calmed down the doorbell rang again.

i didn't move, i just focused in the screen.

'aren't you going to open the door?' naeun asked me and looked at me.
'no, they'll go away if we don't open it.' i said, still not looking away from the screen.

naeun sighed, stood up herself and made her way to the front door.

'what are you doing?' i asked her while immediatly running up to her.
'you know you can't run from it forever!' naeun said while still walking.
'please, naeun. i'm already tired and i have 5 more boys to go.' i stated, not noticing how loud we were talking.

'miyeon? you know i can hear you right?' i heard a familiar voice say from outside.

i gulped and naeun opened the door.
'well hello, jeno.' she said while smiling at him.
'uh- hi.' he said while smiling back at her.

i tried to take this chance, this only chance i got and tried to run away, but naeun was too fast and pulled me back.

'you're here for miyeon right?' she asked the tall boy.
he nodded and naeun pulled me next to her.
'here she is!' she says while smiling.

naeun giggled and left.

i swear, sometimes i hate her so much.

'so the letter huh?' he asked.
'is it okay if we talk outside? hyejin and naeun are in the house.' i said while looking at him.
he nodded and i stepped outside while closing the front door.

'the letter-' i began, but jeno didn't let me finish.
'how many others got one?' he asked bluntly.
'what?' i said confused, how does he know?
'i heard you talking to naeun, you said you had 5 more boys to go.' jeno said while looking down at me.
'uh-' i started, but again i couldn't finish my sentence.

someone ran up to us.

'miyeon!' i heard another familiar voice say.
it can't be, not right now!

jeno turned around and i looked in the direction of the other person.
i guess jeno noticed the letter in his hand because he turned back to me and said:
'he got one too?!'

the other boy walked up to us and stood next to jeno.
'what do you mean i got one too?' the other boy said.
jeno held up his letter and the other boy's eyes widened.

'miyeon, he might be my best friend but i'm
not sharing you with haechan.' jeno said while pointing at haechan.

'maybe she won't even choose you at all.' haechan said while laughing.

okay what is happening? they're all acting weird.

i looked at the window while the two boys were still arguing and saw naeun and hyejin standing there.

i signed for them to help me and luckily they got the message because not much later, they stormed out of the house and ran to me.

'miyeon! dad called and he needs to talk to you, it's important!' hyejin said while pulling me with her.
'sorry boys, you have to talk to her another time!' naeun said to jeno and haechan before running into the house after us.

the boys stood there speechless and i sat down.

'is it just me or is it getting weirder everytime?' i asked while sighing.

'it's probably just you.' hyejin said blankly and naeun threw a pillow to her head.
'you're supposed to make her feel BETTER, idiot.' she said.

it went silent for a moment.

'well, which one do you like right now? or do you like all of them?' naeun asked while sitting down next to me.

'well from what i've read she likes mark, like a lot.'

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