【09. ʟᴏᴋɪ's ᴀʟɪᴠᴇ】

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❆ 2012 ❆

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Freya was at her house, she had decided to get a house in the city and live there instead of constantly living at S.H.I.E.L.D. plus the house was close to the hospital where Peggy was. Freya poured herself a cup of coffee as the front door opened, Nick walked in "hi Nick, what brings you here?" Freya asked with a smile on her face "the Tesseract was taken, Agent Barton has been compromised." Nick said making Freya placed her coffee down as her smile fell "by who?" Nick sighed and Freya could tell he was hiding something "Nick, who took them?" Nick looked up at her "Loki." Freya felt her heart stop at the name of her late husband "you're lying." Nick handed her pictures from CCTV videos "I'm afraid it's true." Freya stumbled back and Nick took a hold of her as she sat down on a chair, Nick sat opposite her "Odin told me he was dead. Odin banished me because Loki was dead. My child died on Earth because Odin banished me because of Loki's death." Freya placed a hand in her chest as she felt a pain through "Nick." Nick took a hold of Freya as she closed her eyes in pain. He watched as she took fast pants of breath, her hand clutching to her chest like she was trying to grab her heart.

After a few minutes the pain stopped, Freya removed her hand from her chest and opened her eyes to look at Nick "what was that?" Nick asked concerned, Freya felt a tear fall down her cheek. Something that hadn't happened in ages. "That's what my pain does to me." Freya said before getting up and walking over to her coffee taking a sip of it "I'll be fine, the first time it happened was when I lost Axelia. It goes away after a while." Nick nodded and walked over "maybe you should call--" Freya cut him off "no. No, I can't. Carol's got a universe to protect and you...you need to come up with a team, like the Avengers Initiative." Nick nodded before saying "you should be on the team." Freya shook her head "no, no I'm not being on the team. I can't...I can't face Loki." Nick nodded before leaving, once he had left Freya let out a huge breath that she been holding in from the pain, her eyes were watered with tears but they weren't falling. Instead they just stayed where they were and every time Freya blinked they glossed over her eyes, Freya hadn't crier in years, but didn't know that she couldn't anymore."


Freya was on the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier looking at the footage of the Avengers, she was also standing next to Nick as she watched it, the team was Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner and Thor. It was a pretty impressive team too, Freya was glad that Nick made the correct choices when it came to the Avengers Initiative. She looked at Nick "it's a good team, Nick, you did well." Freya said making Nick smile at her "you know, one day they'll learn the truth. I mean, it was hard for Natasha to keep shut about you when Thor mentioned Loki's dead wife Freya." Nick explained making Freya nod as she looked back at the footage and the video footage of Loki in the cell came up, she watched as he screamed at Natasha. He was talking about Freya, and how when he had got back from battle Odin told Loki that she had been killed. Freya sighed and turned the footage off "one day, you'll have to face him." Freya looked at Nick "as long as he stays in Asgard, I don't have to worry about that day. But if Heimdall eventually betrays Odin and tells Loki the truth...that's when I'll face him." Nick nodded before Freya started to walk away.

"What if you want to become an Avenger one day?" Freya looked at Nick and smirked "as long as the missions aren't too dull, I like a sense of danger." Freya then got off the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier as it landed and started walking down the street, she saw the Avengers at Central Park and knew that Thor was leaving with Loki. Once the two were gone Freya walked forward "Agent Barton, Agent Romanoff." Everyone looked to see Freya's walking towards them "Agent Snow." Natasha said while Clint just sent her a smirk "um...who's this?" Freya looked over at Steve, Bruce and Tony she smirked "it's nice to see you again, Tony." Tony became utterly confused "you know me?" Freya nodded "of course, I met you when you were a newborn, saw you again when you were five. Your father Howard was a good friend of mine, and so was Peggy Carter. I founded S.H.I.E.L.D. with them." Steve and Tony were both wide eyed "anyway, I just came to congratulate you on your success. It's not easy taking on an Asgardian, along with an alien force." Bruce stepped forward "how do you know about Asgardians?" Freya smirked and stepped forward "well, did Loki not mention me? You know, his dead wife?" Everyone except Natasha and Clint went wide eyed.

Freya smiled "yes, although it was kind of true. I was completely different when I married Loki, the girl that he married died over 70 years ago. Someone else survived however." Freya smiled before she walked past them and down the street to her place, it was easier to face the Avengers when Loki and Thor weren't around.

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