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Nominated by @rudeandnotginger

(Idk might make this a One shot book/short story comment if I should I'll just keep this here)

1. I don't like irl strangers but message me and I'm all yours (jk but I'll be your friend)

2. I have 3 pets. Dog- Spencer, Cat- Little girl (like no fu*king kidding that's her name) and my Bird- (yas a bird) Gypsy

3. I ramble alot so don't feel bad if our convo feels one-sided

4. I am currently reading Sherlock Holmes it's pretty cool

5. I read smut while skyping my friend don't tell her.

6. I am really stupid so if I say something really weird just don't okay.

7. I'm still recovering from T&S and TFIOS so I'm not okay

8. I got cut from my fuc*ing volleyball team so I'm not okay about that either

9. People tell me I'm a good kicker and think I should do football (not soccer)

10. I live a pretty weird life

11. I was bullied when I was in 5th grade but lets not talk about it

12. I am taller than my older cousin

13. I would literally go lesbian for Charlie Bradburry no joke
Update: it is Feb 2015 and I'm pansexual for Charlie Bradbury

14. Sometimes I read too much Destiel/Jawnlock/Sabriel/Samifer/etc. and question my sexuality

15. I don't know anyone on here so why am I telling u this idk

16. I love the colour green, letter Q (idk) and the number 9 (I still dk)

17. I have friends in Spain so we ship them peanut butter

18. I ship my old english teacher and next year's PE teacher.

19. I read too many books so if you message/text me unexpectedly I'm reading or writing or netflixing :)

20. If I were to write a non-AU fic I would be the bearer of dreams: Destiel is now canon, Gabe comes back, Lucifer is now good not evil and hangs with the baes

Nominations to come :):):):)

Sept 2nd

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