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"Thanks...for what you did.."

He smirked, "anything for you."




𝕴 was at my stand again, it was a bit chilly for a spring..well it was 4 in the morning..I suppose it would have been cold..or Chilly, Bully will inroduce them early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Where nobody is here..A new play came along..I wanted to try out..hoping I get some role or something..I soon see Bully with the two other new kids, Livie had brown hair with a blue hoodie and her brown eyes were rather fierce. Her jeans went well with her appearance..Than the other one. Couldn't make out his face since it was completely covered with a robot head..helmet..thing- ugh whatever. But he had a sports jacket with a white t-shirt and with some sweatpants..I am wondering if he is addicted based on his looks. Bully smirked at my stand, "Alright. This is the stand. At school she sells school supplies, snacks and drinks for really good deals. But after school or real early in school thats where the business gets real. In the morning the secret buisness is open at 4am till 5am or 6am. After school is 2:50pm till 4pm. But with people sports ya' gotta do a password." Bully said and did a knock on my stand


Knock knock



Livie rolled her eyes as Jade seemed Dull, almost bored from this.. "yeah yeah. We get this. When are we gonna get the real shït here?!" She demanded with a growl, "Jeez lady! Don't ya' know how to wait?! Be like Jade!" Bully said and crossed his arms, "Plus shes the lad here. She's been threw enough already." He said and looked at me as of he felt bad for me. Tch, like if that would ever happen. Who would feel bad for me? I looked at Livie who was getting impatient, and than I looked at Jade who looked like he didn't give a crap about this..

"Well, I have to go." Bully said and yawned as he went inside the school ans grabbed a strawberry flavor drug candy and plopped it into his mouth, when he was gone Livie glared at me, "Listen here bïtch. If you don't give me my drugs for free. I will expose you. And I heard you have some dumb daddy issues with the principal. I bet he'll hate you even more if I told you about this shop, and I bet Blue will be disappointed in your pathetic self." She said in a threatening voice.

..I dunno why..I usually don't care what people say..but now..my heart hurts..like its been shreaded into pieces..like whenever i'm with my dad or when..never mind..

I sighed, "Alright jeez.." I said as Jade looked at me and took off his helmet, having brown hair with ocean blue eyes, I couldn't help but get distracted by his cute chubby cheeks, "Do you have any weapons?" He said in a lifeless voice. I looked at him and nod, "Which?" I asked as he sent chills down my spine from his cold eyes, "I don't care. Any weapons is good." He said, I took out a simple but dangerous weapon. A pocket knife, luckily I had gloves or fingerless gloves to prevent getting framed for murder and have it to Jade, "Simple but good to kill or even hurt others. That'll be-" before I could say the price Jade gave me a thick stash of 100$ bills, my eyes widen (even though their covered) with this amount. He must come with a serious rich family...héll..to be honest I wish I could be in that family..but it may be a cold family...but if i were to have that money..I could run away! To be honest this money was saved for me for me to run away one day...or to pay for my collage....or give it to my dad..

"Woah dude! What the héll man?! That's so much-"

"keep it."

"Wait what-"

"Keep it. That money is useless anyways. Its like a peanut compare to my familys money." Jade said and glared at that 100$

Livie smirked, "Give that money to me." I glared, "Why? I am already giving you stuff for free! Go fúck yourself." I growled as Livie glared and stormed off, I sighed ans looked at Jade, "Listen souless freak. Don't start giving that cash out..Something bad will happen to you.." I warned as Jade shrugged, "Thanks." He said as he had no care for the world. He than left and went inside the school, I sighed and see Bully with his cheeks pink as he was wobbling around, his eyes were bloodshot red and he laughed with his friends, wondering what its like to be high..I look at the drug with my hands shaking, I sighed and put it back. 'Schools about to start..don't be stupid..' I said in my head, I than put my secret stash away and put on the schools supplies, snacks, and drinks on the counter and waited...

If Livie tells the school this..I could be in trouble..a whole lot of trouble..I need this to be a secret...But I shouldn't...but there is no other way...

Livie will ruin my entire life...

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