Chapter 1

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In the Great Kingdom of England the King, Arceus went out on a crusade to take back the holy lands. But while he was missing, his greedy and evil brother Prince Giratina seized the crown and ruled England. 

His regime was one of Tyranny and poverty. He took everything from the poor that he wanted. The most he took all their money through high taxes and his Sheriff, Sheriff Silver gathering the hidden ducats. 

There was however one hope for the people. And that was The Hood. The Hood was a skilled archer and thief who robbed the rich to feed the poor. His real name however was unknown. Besides to two people. His best friend and archer teacher Ash. And his lover, Lyra.

Our Point of view jumps down to a forest in around Notingham. We see two men walk through it and chatting like good friends. 

Both has raven coloured hair, with the first one having dark purple eyes while the other had hazelnut brown ones. 

The two friends reach a river, both bow down to the other and walks on the bridge before both realises it is too thin to keep both on. The first one falls down with the other one managing to keep his balance a few more seconds before he also falls down.

The two relaxes in the water while thinking of the good times before the new king took power. 

But suddenly both see that the way they came from is swarming with archers on the order of the king himself. They ready an arrow and fires at them. The two ducks down under water and swim to the other side. 

They get up and begins running from the archers who fire arrow after arrow to get them. 

The one we know whos name is Ash looks behind to see that they are faster than the archers, but what makes him interested is that the long term rival of his friend is chasing them. The Sheriff.

His friend then manages to hide and climb up in a tree, Ash does the same and the two are lost for the archers. 

The two silently laugh when the archers begin running back with the sheriff shouting at them. 

The two meet up in a large enough tree.

Ash: you gotta know something Ethan, you take too many chances.

Ethan: chances? now i've heard it all, it was just for fun Ash.

Ash: oh yea? take a look at your cap, it isn't that easy to buy that off.

Ethan: oops, it almost had my name on it now. i gotta give it to them, they have become better at firing.

Ash breaks a arrow that almost hit him in two. His serious look doesn't seem to bother Ethan.

Ash: oh yea? and next time the sheriff will then have a rope around our necks? it's not easy to laugh when your hanged.

Ethan: heh, the sheriff wouldn't be able to hang you even with a hundred man with him. An Garde!

Ethan throws the arrow that hit his hat towards Ash which then goes into his own. 

Ash: ah come on Ethan i don't have any other hat.

Ethan: just smile and be happy man, you worry too much.

Ethan lies down on the branch and takes his hands behind his head.

Ash: Ethan, i wonder about something. are we heroes or are we thieves, you know when we rob the rich to feed the poor.

Ethan looks up and gives a fake pout.

Ethan: rob? that's too harsh a word for us, we don't do that. we just....borrow from those that has too much.

Ash: borrow? hehe, because they have a debt.

Ethan nods to him. Then they suddenly hear a trumpet sound. Ethan shoots up and climbs to the top to hear where it is coming from. Ash comes up as well.

Ethan: hohoho, it looks like we have some work to do, or what Ash?

Ash: yup, charity.

Wrapping up the first chapter of my take on Robin Hood with Pokemon characters instead.

Hope you liked this and if so tell me in the comments. 

Have an awesome day next and i'll see yall later. 

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