2018: Chapter 6

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*Clarissa's POV*

I feel bad for yesterday. Nick wanted to be part of the kids' lives and I pushed him away as if I didn't want him to be there for them. I do want him to be involved with Mason and Kehlanhi, but he has to earn my trust back. After abandoning me and the twins for two years, never giving me a call, email, text nothing.

I was preparing breakfast when my phone rang. "Demi! Can you check who that is for me?" I called out. She walked to the counter and picked up my phone. "Who's Lora?" She questioned. "My lawyer. Why is she calling me?" Demi handed me my phone and I accept the call. "Hello?" I said into the phone. "Clarissa I'm so glad I reached you! I have bad news" she said, obviously sounding worried. "What is it?" I asked. Lora sighed. "Nick is suing you for parental rights towards Kehlanhi and Mason." She said. That BASTARD! I didn't have to tell him he had two kids but no. It wasn't enough for him. I got angry. "Call Nick's attorney and say I want a meeting to discuss this. I'll bring Mason and Kehlanhi"

*the next day*

Here I was. Sitting in a room with Lora and the twins, waiting for Nick to arrive. The kids were coloring pictures inside coloring books they found inside the room. Sure enough, Nick walked in with his attorney. The kids looked up. "Mommy Who's that?" Mason questioned. I kneeled next to them. "Mason... Kehlanhi... this is your dad" I said softly. Nick walked over and sat down in front of them. "Hi. I know you two will have to adjust to me being around more, but I love the both of you. And I love your mommy." He said. I bit my lip, not sure what was going to happen. Before I knew it, Kehlanhi hugged Nick. "I love you Daddy" she said softly. Mason joined in the hug. "I love you too Daddy" he said. Nick smiled widely and hugged them back. I smiled and turned to Lora. "I want to make a custody agreement" I said. She smiled. "Awesome! What were you thinking?" She asked, taking out a pad of paper and a pen. I smiled. "I want to have joint custody with Nick. He gets every other week with our twins." I said, contently.

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