Episode One: The Break-Up!

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"Do you know whom you are talking to? I am Josephine Scott and I can ruin you a matter of seconds! How can you misplace my luggage?! How irresponsible of you to say that – don't you have any sense of responsibility?!" Oscar sighed as he hears his girlfriend yelling at somebody from the customs. "I don't care what you say. I am not going to submit a written claim for something you people lost!" Her voice rumbled in the room. Oscar walks out to the balcony – he could take any more of her mindlessly yelling on somebody. He would have told her that's how it works – she has to claim but he knows that she will turn deaf ears on him. Oscar tried to explain to her whenever she would embarrass herself with her thoughtless claims, but when it started to turn out in huge fights and yelling at him – he stopped.

Oscar looked up the sky and sighed – the weather was getting dull and gloomy. His flight was canceled for two days due to the storm that was approaching the Nassau. He had to fly in and out a client to and from the Bahamas. When they came here three days ago – the weather was ideal for flying but now it has been delayed due to the predicted storm. He was peacefully looking up at the sky when Jo angrily walked out with her phone clenched in her fist. Oscar glanced behind him before blowing his cheek out and looking at the sky as she started yelling at him – again. "I can't believe it!" She said. Oscar boringly turned his head around and asked, "What is it now?" He asked. Jo narrowed her eyes, "Don't be such an ass, Oscar. They can't find my luggage. It was entirely your fault from the beginning." Jo snapped at him.

Oscar knitted his eyebrows together and asked as he folded his arms on his chest, "How is it my fault?" He asked. Jo always does this – she never accepts her mistake and always put all the blame on others. She shifted from one leg to another, "Why didn't you bring me here on your private plane? No, you had to make me travel through an airline. If only you would have allowed me to travel with you – this wouldn't have happened. We could have been having fun by now but no – you had to say no." Jo expressed her anger.

Oscar couldn't help but chuckled – not because he found the situation funny but how stupid Jo was being. Oscar has always been short-tempered and Jo's idiocy wasn't helping him either. He was already stressed about the weather – which doesn't look good and now he was stuck with his girlfriend, who doesn't make any sense and was being a complete airhead. "You know Jo, we have been together for two years and I still can't figure out how stupid sometimes you can be." He spoke calmly while the anger within him was really speaking. He had enough – he couldn't deal with such insanity anymore.

Jo couldn't believe what Oscar just said. He might not be raising his voice but his words really hurt Jo. She narrowed her eyes, "What did you just say?" She asked implausibly. Oscar clenched his jaws and replied, "I said exactly what you heard. Jo, you are ignorant and stupid. You don't realize how things work. This world doesn't revolve around you! There are ways for things to be done, but how would you know – you always make others do stuff for you." He said. Jo was consternated. She couldn't utter a word – she was shocked by what Oscar was saying to him.

Oscar paused and rubbed his face before he pressed his lips together and pointed towards her cellphone which was in her hand, "That person is right! You have to submit a written claim – you have to fill out a form! You can't just walk out of the airport knowing your luggage was missing and thinking my boyfriend or any other shit would take care of it for me! That's not how it is done!" He yelled at her while she stood – complete shocked by the intensity of his words. She gulped as she could feel a lump in her throat – her eyes welled up but it didn't stop Oscar from spilling the truth for her. "In the same way, you cannot demand me to take you with me in someone else's plane! I don't own the plane – my client does. I am only flying them from one place to another. That's my job! I cannot bring my girlfriend with me on other people's plane because she forces herself on me whenever I go to someplace that sounds fun to her!" He yelled once again, "Can't you think? I am at my job – this is not a vacation for me." He added.

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