First Date

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How was she going to do this? She had no idea how she was going to do any of this?

How was she going on a date!

And with her team leader of all people!

A girl!

How can a girl date a girl!

It was... unnatural!

Then why did she like Coco? And not just in the friendly team way, not just in the best friend kind of way. Whenever Coco was in the same room with her, her heart ached, when Coco was looking at her from across the room she felt her breath trap in her throat.

Was this love? It had to be, it was the just like in the books, like in the novels and the fan fictions she read.

It was love. She loved Coco and Coco loved her.

"Vellllveeet?" A voice snapped her out of her thoughts. Quickly turning around, Fox was stood behind her and grinning wide.

"Oh Fox! Sorry, I was thinking..."

"You were thinking about your date tonight right?" He interrupted. Flushing red, Velvet looked away as she bit her lip.

"Don't be shy about it Velvet, she likes you a lot and she's already shown that she will treat you properly." Fox told her as he sat down on the bed next to her.

"I know she will. I'm just... I've never been in a relationship before. I've never even kissed anyone until she kissed me. I mean, she's a girl... I never thought I'd be like this with a girl."

"I was the same, When I was dating girls, I was excited about it all. Then I came to this school and when I hung out with some of the guys from team FGHT, I got to hang out with their leader. Well... you've already heard how our first date went." He laughed softly, Velvet matching his chuckle. Coco had been furious that Fox had not come home that night, comments of "inter-team spying" being thrown around until she met face to face with the team FGHT leader.

One arm wrestle and thirty minutes later and they were best friends.

"Yea. You two make a lovely couple." She admitted, tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear. "I'm just... what if it doesn't work out, what if something goes wrong. She's my team leader and if things go wrong then it is a recipe for disaster."

"It will be fine. You do not have to worry about it going wrong because I know you two, Coco won't let it end up going wrong and you and her will enjoy your time together." Fox stood up and patted her shoulder.

"You better get ready for your date tonight, I'll leave you to it. Me and Yatsu are going to go with some of the other teams for a gaming tournament." Fox laughed softly.

"Aw, no fair. You know I'm better than all the other teams here and you know Coco can beat most of their runners up." Velvet complained.

"Well you have a date to go. Have fun." He laughed and patted her head between her ears. Velvet stared at him, pouting and glaring at him.

"I'll make it up to you." Fox grinned and headed out.

Velvet turned to her cupboard and got out her clothes. Laying them out on the bed, she then went into the bathroom. Coco wouldn't be coming into their room, she was getting ready at another teams room. Showering and drying her hair with her hair dryer, she got herself dressed.

She hated to use it so many times, but it was the only good dress that she had, the one that Coco had bought for her and that she had worn last week for the Heart's day ball.

It took a while but she braided her hair properly, the long hair of her fringe coming back and below her ears and braided back into her hair. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself.

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