"You'll call me if you need me?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah...I'll call you. Bye Lucy."

After she disconnected the call, she couldn't help but feel a bit apprehensive about Dillon and hoped everything was okay.

At the Hilltop police station, Detectives Holden Lahr and Vicki Cruz were at their desks discussing the latest murder victim.

"Charice Spencer was last seen alive at a bar out on Main. I talked to the bartender but he didn't remember her. The only person that remembered her was the bouncer," Vicki was sticking a piece of gum in her mouth.

"You're not going to share?" her partner Holden asked, sticking his hand out.

Vicki made a funny face and shook her head, "Get your own gum Lahr. This is my 'I'm trying to stop smoking' gum. I need every piece I can get my hands on."

"Well in that case, forget it. I'd rather you stay smoke free than share some gum. So nobody saw the girl at the bar but the bouncer?"

"So far that's the only person that remembers her. Why is it always so easy for cops on TV shows? Everyone always remembers the victim. Especially the bartenders," Vicki muttered.

"Well we're back to square one with this case," Holden Lahr wasn't sure what the pattern was for this killer but he was determined to find out.

"You know what the doorman told me Lahr?" Vicki asked as she began looking through crime scene photos.

"No. What did he say?"

"He said that she kept looking over her shoulder like someone was watching her. He said she even stumbled and fell because she was looking back."

"Now that's strange. If you thought someone was following you...why would you wait in line to get into a club?"

"I don't know. That's a very good question Lahr."

"There has to be some kind of connection between the victims that we're just not seeing," Holden sighed.

Vicki studied the pictures again. It was becoming a ritual that her and her partner Holden did every day now. They studied the crime scene photos and profiles of the victims, hoping to find a clue to connect all of them together. Other than the fact that they all lived in Hilltop, there wasn't much to go by.

Holden growled in frustration, "I think you were right Cruz."

"I'm always right," Vicki joked, "What am I right about this time?"

"I think he's trying to throw us off course."

Vicki nodded, "I agree. Whoever this killer is, he's smart. For all we know he's been killing people long before we started finding bodies."

The thought made Holden shudder, "I hope not Cruz. If that's the case, we won't be dealing with a serial killer...we'd be dealing with the devil."

The next day, Lucy found herself at the bus stop near her home. She wasn't allowed to drive because her license had been suspended. Unfortunately for her, public transportation in Hilltop was dismal to say the least. After getting into the bus she sat towards the back and waited for it stop near the junkyard outside of town.

Twenty minutes later, she exited the bus and began walking for an additional ten minutes. The junkyard was gated and surrounded by a chain link fence. She didn't see a possible way to enter unless she picked the front locks. The sign on the double steel doors read, "Apollo's Junkyard."

"I wonder who Apollo is," Lucy wondered aloud and jiggled the rusty lock. In movies, robbers were always able to pick locks with a hairpin or something exotic. Lucy had nothing. She sighed as she began walking around the gated junkyard. Luck was on her side. She saw that someone had previously cut a hole in the chain link fencing. It was large enough to allow a person to get in and out.

She walked up to the cut fence and pulled back some of the old metal fencing. She groaned as she squeezed through the fence and some of the ends scratched against her skin.

Once she was in, she laughed in triumph. Looking around, all she could see were mounds of garbage and broken car parts. A few cars that had been in severe crashes were also littered throughout the junkyard.

"How am I supposed to find the car?" she asked herself.

She began walking to the closest pile of junk. She saw scraps of metal, old washing machines, desks, and wrecked cars. Sadness washed over her when she saw the wrecked cars. Her curiosity filled her as she wondered who had been driving the cars and if the passengers had survived the wrecks. She thought of her own accident months ago.

She scanned the piles for the red car and out of the corner of her eye she spotted it. A fiesta red DeSoto. Lucy walked to the car with trepidation. She looked around to make sure the junk yard was really abandoned.

She walked over to the driver's side and searched for the latch to release the trunk. With a loud squeak the trunk slid open. Lucy took a deep breath before walking back to the trunk and the strong smell of something rotten assaulted her nose. A plastic tarp filled the trunk, but she knew what was below it. The smell had given the surprise away.

"I'm not sure if you know this but here in Texas, we shoot trespassers first and ask questions later."

The gruff voice of an older gentleman startled her and Lucy turned around to see the end of a shotgun aimed at her.

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